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    Deck Accessories? Skins\Shells\Docks\etc tell us what we must have and post what you have. Likes\Dislikes etc.

    I ordered a killswitch but I really like the case that came with my 512GB so I use that and a Deckmate, the injection molded one is very nice and holds 2 SD cards and a receptacle for things. A couple of things are available to interface with that receptacle and I selected a kickstand. It works...
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    What are you playing on your deck?

    Valheim works fine and you can spawn items into the game via console commands in singleplayer to make it easier then carry it into multiplayer servers on your own local server. We run one on our plex and crap box that is not listed in the browser and requires pasting in some stuff but it works...
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    Best/worst computer brands.

    Dude had both of the keys even.
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    Best/worst computer brands.

    Rather than build computers for people these days I just send them links to Puget Systems and System76 depending on their linux proficiency and affinity for woodgrain desktops. There are so many pins to unbend nowadays I just don't want to do it anymore. I thought I might have a stroke while...
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    Picking a gaming laptop from Costco

    Laptops get loud af when editing video in my experience and heavily caution a desktop computer since big fans can move enough air at lower rpm than little squirrel cage minion fans can at all the rpm. It's also easier to connect oodles of monitors to a desktop and a good desktop only requires...
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    Cooler Master HAF 922 case with AORUS Radeon RX 6800 XT

    Cut or sell it and buy a haf 932 to cut less, it's only missing 0.134016" out of the box for that card.
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    Windows 12

    You can bring whatever right click behavior you want with the right registry tweaks.
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    Received a Dead Deck

    The fan is for sale on ifixit, and good fans are out there. I can barely hear mine unless I'm outside in the Arkansas sun and there's nothing else going on around me (almost never).
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    I live in AR and it gets about as hot here as it does in eastern TX, and much of AR is considered to be an extension of eastern TX by many residents. I haven't tried to run it in a non-airconditioned environment yet but in my 72 degrees office it works great, as well as in air conditioned cars...
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    Serious Steam Deck Software Flaw Gone Unsolved Since Launch (WiFi issues)

    I haven't had a problem with the onboard wifi but I've only had it since Sunday. It downloads things at about 70 MB/s when in line of sight of a wifi 6 AP and in the 60's everywhere else in our house except in the laundry room (hordes of plumbing and wires plus the 2 200a meters and 4 breaker...
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    5800x $275 at newegg.

    That sucks, sfsuphysics there's 2 micro centers within 7 hours of me and I live in Arkansas ffs. The closest one is about 5-5.5 hours long or a little less at night.
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    10th gen itx silliness.

    Did it turn out well, honegod?
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    PCi-E Bifurcation on the Asus Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI - how crazy can I actually get?

    I have a couple of their mobile armory cases but nothing quite like those do you mean these? We have a loading dock at camp that is easy for stuff like this, depends on the kind of vehicle you're backing up to it with though and what...
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    When heavy lightning storms bear down on our locality we either shut down all the expensive computers and turn the breaker that the network stuff uses off. Due to geography and what's built on a higher point nearby I'm not worried about strikes on my building as much as things being conducted on...
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    PCi-E Bifurcation on the Asus Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI - how crazy can I actually get?

    Why not use a dolly to cart that thing around? I used to do that when my shoulder was out of action for almost a year. Some dollies are fancy and make loading into conveyances easier, you could also use simple machines. I built one for this to load 90lb dogs into my mom's v8 suvs in the 90s...