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    Is this guys method of applying thermal paste a good idea? Wrap cling wrap over your finger and then use it to spread the paste?

    I started using the spatula that came with my mx-5 and spread it all over the CPU. I find that CPUs are getting too big to rely on the pressure of the HSF mounting to spread and cover the entire CPU.
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    Cooler suggestions needed LGA1700
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    Scalpers are struggling to sell the RTX 4080 above MSRP, but retailers won't let them return the cards

    Idiots. They should of returned them before the return window closed.
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    The Callisto Protocol (survival/horror)

    They are really good on putting a magnifying glass on the smallest issue.
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    Cooler suggestions needed LGA1700

    Hard to beat the Thermal right Peerless assassin for $38. Black one is going to cost you $10 more. That said nothing wrong with the D15. It is still one of the best air coolers out there. Contact Noctua if you need 1700 bracket. I believe they were sending them out for the cost of shipping with...
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    The Game Awards Steam Deck Giveaway

    You don't have to watch it. Just have it running in the back ground.
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    12700k to 13700k or 13900k ?

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    God of War: Ragnarök

    I think I reached my midlife crisis. I just don't find anything enjoyable anymore.
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    God of War: Ragnarök

    /sigh idk I think I am done with gaming. I can't get into it. Three weeks later and still haven't beaten it. The game is great I just don't have any desire to play games anymore. I been watching more and more videos on YouTube instead. Pretty much spoiled most the game already.
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    [H]OT !!!! 5800X3D $279.65 Shipped , Newegg

    Yea, NE shipping has become really slow. I don't order much anymore but it is typical to be a week with ground shipping. I understand since it is coming from Commiefornia and I am on the east coast. Just seems they don't ship out much from NJ location anymore.
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    How much do you have to spend approx to play current games at 4k 120mhz refresh rate?

    I would say closer to $3k if you want to have near max settings. You will need a 4090. I don't think the 7900xtx will have the grunt to push 120 high settings even with FSR.
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    The Callisto Protocol (survival/horror)

    Where you been? Season passes for SP games has been normal for awhile now.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    They got to make money from some where with all the awesome CPU deals they been having!
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    You're Most Anticipated 2023 Games

    I was super excited for GoW but nearly 3 weeks later I still haven't beaten it and have little desire to pick it back up. I don't hate either. I think it is great but idk I just don't care anymore. Time for me to find a new hobbie.
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    You're Most Anticipated 2023 Games

    I think you are right.