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    2 X5470's and -Bigadv?

    A pair of X5570 3.2Ghz 8C 16T cannot do -bigadv.
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    Looks like we might get that 1 billion

    Congratulations guys! We made it to the big 1 Billion points this month! FOLD ON!
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    100M Pernts

    Gratz jfb9301! Us noobs have to stick together.
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    20bn pernts

    Congratulations all!
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    I may be lowering your ears this next week....R-Type & Chelsea

    23 million more points and you will be rolling over me! 3.6 weeks.
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    Small favor to ask...

    500K is one year, 1M is lifetime! You are welcome!
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    kendrak, you're in for trouble

    Only if you pay for it. Or steal it...
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    PG has a request

    This could be interesting... :D
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    EVGA Overtake

    Hell yeah! I went 10 months on the 8P without a UPS (or two since it would need two haha). 850W may not be as high as some of these overclocked 6180SE machines, but it still turns the meter!
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    Teaser time

    I love new builds. Bring on the D nathan_P! Oh man, looks like you are a Civilization player. I just launched Civ V a minute ago.
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    Attention GPU Folders: Make sure you are set up for QRB units

    Do you know what the power draw is for this system? The PPD/W for high end laptops may be good.
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    Missing Credit with Langouste?

    I would not waste your time with that Folding Forum thread. They kept telling bowlinra to contact the author of langouste, who had responded in thread haha. I am surprised that they don't know tear by now.
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    Is this an 8p Opteron 6200s?

    It is Four 2P's, as per the brochure. Each 2P has a Gemini communication ASIC module. It is not the same as HT, it uses MPI between the nodes. It is similar to infiniband but proprietary.Cray favors OpenMP in their brochures for clustering:
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    Is this an 8p Opteron 6200s?

    If I am not mistaken, it is 4 x 2P with a proprietary interconnect between them. I have no idea if they function as one 8P or 4 x 2P's. That all depends on what cray did. They also used this on the Cray XK6/XE6. EDIT: Yeah, that is probably an XE6 / XE6m board (or maybe XE7 which is not out...
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    4P Socket f (1207) Folding

    If you upgrade to 4x 2.4Ghz hexacores, your PPD on smp will go up to about 70K PPD, but more importantly, you will be able to do 8101 bigadv. Your PPD on 8101 with 4 x 2.4Ghz hexacores would be about 123K PPD. I am basing this off of TPF's from my 8P socket F loaded with 8 x 8431 2.4Ghz...