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    Todays WTB :> any s1156 CPU, working or not

    Would a socket protector not be good enough for your needs? I am sure it would be easier to find a socket protector than a dead CPU.
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    WTB: X58 socket 1366 board, and video card

    Picked up a pair of GTX 570's for $190 shipped off of ssnyder28. EDIT: Picked up an i7-860 and EVGA P55 SLI $170 shipped off of wondergod.
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    WTB: X58 socket 1366 board, and video card

    TTT I need overclocking capabilities on the board.
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    WTB: X58 socket 1366 board, and video card

    Hello, my friend is looking to upgrade his computer. Being college students, we don't have a lot of cash. He got stuck with a crappy Lenovo i3 desktop with integrated graphics. He has trouble with a lot of the games he wants to play. I told him I could build him a decent computer if he gave...
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    2 X5470's and -Bigadv?

    A pair of X5570 3.2Ghz 8C 16T cannot do -bigadv.
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    Looks like we might get that 1 billion

    Congratulations guys! We made it to the big 1 Billion points this month! FOLD ON!
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    100M Pernts

    Gratz jfb9301! Us noobs have to stick together.
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    20bn pernts

    Congratulations all!
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    I may be lowering your ears this next week....R-Type & Chelsea

    23 million more points and you will be rolling over me! 3.6 weeks.