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    Westinghouse 42" 1080P HDTV (TX-42F430S) - $1035

    Hmmm... this is a really good tv. Is it just me or did it lose a DVI input and gain a VGA input instead? Can anyone confirm full 1920x1080 operations in windows XP (watching videos, playing 1920x1080 games) using VGA on this tv? If everything checks out, this monster would be a true...
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    I'm looking for your help in finding a modern 42"+ 1080p monitor/tv

    I've been digging around google for hours trying to find a good, cheap monitor that fulfills these requirements: 1920x1080 native resolution 8 ms pixel response time or below 1+ DVI input (omg this feature is so rare!! why is that??) OR 1+ VGA (if and only if it can support 1:1...
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    Westy 42" Need Help with BF 2142 setup

    I wish I still had my Westy LV42W2 (stolen) so i can give you an exact answer. But based on my experience with that monitor, you have to play around with switching video modes using your remote control until you get a signal. Also keep in mind that BF 2142 cannot do widescreen resolutions...
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    Age of Empires 3 gameplay discussion

    True story. Same ol same ol.
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    PS3 "in game" movie

    Then the Xbox360 wins by default :eek:
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    PS3 "in game" movie

    How come I keep hearing developers hating to code games for the PS3 ? That could be why it's so hard to find any actual game footages for any games on this console.. people are probably on strike or something.
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    Graphic Settings for 512megs Ram in WoW

    Are you suffering the 1 frame per minute problem at other areas besides Ironforge/Orgrimmar AH?
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    Bored with WoW, should I try EQII ?

    I'd be playing EQ2 right now if it wasn't for: 1.) Small raid sizes (20 ish is average raid. Bigger raid size is better experience) 2.) Load screens everywhere. 3.) Still too few solo content, considering you need to solo a lot nowadays with so few people. 4.) Crappy combat system. (slow...
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    WOW, 1g ram or 2g?

    The amount of RAM you need is actually not related to the lag problem in Ironforge / Orgrimmar. You're referring to the 30+ seconds of freeze where your computer takes a dump to try to load all the character data in those cities' hot spots right? If so, that lag is caused from the huge chunk...
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    Will nvidia EVER fix the shimmering problem?

    nVNews posted a temporary fix to the flickering problem. Yes, I own a Radeon 9800 Pro and 6800 GT OC on two rigs. I play World of Warcraft and do notice 6800 GT flickering like heck, while the Radeon yields no flicker. As soon as I...
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    AMD 64 3200+...Is this a good mobo?

    PC3500 is implied that you overclock. Or else you would have to "underclock" the RAM.
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    a64 3400+, 1gb pc3200, 6800u...11500 wtf?

    Hmmm... VIA Hyperion 4-in-1?
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    ATI AGP speed problem?

    It's almost like buying a car without an engine and expecting it to work right =P
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    So who actually enjoyed Doom3?

    I'm too scared to play D3 for long periods of time. =P It would be more enjoyable if I won't get a heartattack, don't take that as me wanting to reduce the terror factor, keep that as-is. Also, all FPS games seems to make me nauscious for some reason.
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    Help setting up Dual Channel...with my new 512 stick

    1.) You won't get any form of noticeable performance increase in dual channel with an Athlon XP system. 2.) Use slots 0 + (1 or 2). Slot 0 is important for some reason beyond me, in Athlon systems. It's why it's always colored different.