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    Asus G1S-A1

    I have the g1s I like it but wayy too much bloatware preinstalled. u need to do allot of work to revert back to xp if u want to. it always seems to have some kind of problem with drivers once u reinstall withtout the disc. also I'm running ultimate 64 bit so I blame that for some of my problems...
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    hard drive corrupted help!

    no its there and it shows up fine in device manager. but when I try to access it the drive saysn it needs to be formated. but when I open it with virtuallab which is a recovery program its fine. I'm so baffled by this thing
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    hard drive corrupted help!

    my WD320 gig corrupted. I think it was the mtfs tables idk. either way I need a good program I can use to recover it and I'm a student so I'm broke. free programs are highly preffered thanks! I can still see the drive but I can't access it becuase it says its unformatted. If I use virtual lab to...
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    invites & accounts 4 trade

    wrong forum bub. this is free stuff in hot deals. you want for sale/trade
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    Joost invitation?

    I would like an invite if at all possible thanks!
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    what do I use for vivo

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    DD: The Official "Post What You've Found" Thread (pics!!)

    i was at the local dump a while back throwing out construction debris with a friend and I see a 2x10 sub box sitting in the pile. I pulled it out. It's fine with the exception of some of the rug pealing off. I went back the next week and I see a samsung dvd/vcr sitting on the top and my friends...
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    Project UBER CUBE!

    yeah I want this case to be ridiculous when I'm done with it. At one point I was considering mounting at least one 15" lcd screen on it. Then I thought that would be a little much. If I can't pick one type of window design in the end I may do that in the top of the case as I would have it on my...
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    Project UBER CUBE!

    I could use those little screws that have flat caps on top and have little nuts on the bottom to lock them in place like most cases do from the factory but I don't know where to get those as I've only seen that type of edge molding before. Also I was thinking about sleeving my powersupply cables...
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    Project UBER CUBE!

    I know that was why I was asking for suggestions. right now I don't know what kind of window design I want to throw in the top so I was asking for suggestions if anybody had any about what worked well on a cube case. Also the best welder I have acccess to is a mig welder and I don't know how to...
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    Project UBER CUBE!

    alright images rehosted. I'm going to start cutting the windows on the top and sides now and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a sick window design like 4 little windows 2 big rectangular ones cus right now I'm just thinking about what would be best and I'm not really sure where...
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    Project UBER CUBE!

    added some pics from a website I found a review on for reference here it is these are his pics but as soon as I get some free time I will get some of my own as mine are of the case primed and ready for paint.
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    Project UBER CUBE!

    For the last few years I have been using a thermaltake xaser III and I learned how to mod on it. It just hasn't cut the mustard for me though. I had to pull out the hard drive bays so I could install my dual 120mm rad and the pump is really close to both the video card and the mother board. I...
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    holy god the mother of all monster cases has arrived

    anybody seen the mozart tx from thermaltake. I'm in love! I always want bigger cases now I'll need to get a rack after this! ITS HUGE!