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    The Coolermaster Gallery

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    Vista minimum Laptop Specs?

    WoW isn't modern, hasnt been in quite some time.
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    loud dv9000 fan

    I purchased a HP dv9205 from staples this afternoon, It's a gorgeous laptop with a fantastic build, way better than my dell or ibm and much better than any acer I've seen. I was originally having a tough time deciding between this one and a Toshiba A100, I eventually opted for the HP as its...
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    trouble playing dvds

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    Critique and choose my new computer

    I am getting really tired with my computer constantly rebooting every time I try to play a game for more than 30 minutes, or when I am watching a video or whatever. I've tried troubleshooting but it's just so hard as it is erratic. It could be overheating (~60c) but I don't have a lot of options...
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    The Unofficial List of Good mATX Motherboards (Overclocking and Not)

    I'd like to say "thanks" to this thread, some great info.
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    Building in-wall PC system for home-automation.

    I love the idea and have done similar stuff myself. But..I got to ask....why are you using such small parts? If it's in the wall couldn't you use a full atx motherboard for example? Or am I not understanding?
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    XFX SFF looks pretty pimp!

    I think that's just ugly...yikes
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    SFF motherboard into MATX / ATX ?? is a question.... I know that matx boards are can always fit into an atx case. I also realize that shuttle/ideq/Aopen/Asus whatever makes Small Form Factor computers. While I realize those motherboards do not conform to any "standard" has anyone ever tried/had luck with placing...
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    Another "help me upgrade" thread.

    Okay, It seems every so often I go through this fidgetty "gotta to spend money I don't have on stuff I don't need" phase. (I think some of you know this) The thing is I am relatively out of the loop with a lot of computer stuff, I haven't been actively [H] in well over a year. I've been...
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    Pro vs Con for SFF vs Laptop

    Truthfully, I'm not going to settle for anything less than a 24inch widescreen LCD so I would be adding that to the whole thing no matter if it was SFF or Laptop, with the laptop I'd pretty much be paying for a screen I wouldn't be using. Good points though,
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    Pro vs Con for SFF vs Laptop

    This originally wasn't going to be a post but I was making notes for myself and thought I would share some of my conclusions, feel free to comment if you think I've missed anything: Expandability - Laptops lack nearly all forms of expandability as far as adding MORE components. I could add...
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    hmmm water + powersupply = ka boom?

    well, I decided to do it :) and it actually worked...or at least got me to the boot process so it did it's job (ie: narrowing down which component(s) was fried. I went out and bought a shuttle powersupply I got to fit into my is not my day.
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    hmmm water + powersupply = ka boom?

    Alright, So I replaced a powersupply recently on my main computer. About a month later the computer went POP and doesnt turn on...led on motherboard still lights up though... Only reason I replaced the powersupply was due to a noisy fan and didnt want to be bothered with opening it up...
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    shortest dvd burner?

    Happy Friday all, I hope you enjoy your weekend! What I need from you is advice, I wasn't quite sure where to post this, mods can feel free to move. While the question is about dvdburners I figured the SFF section would be able to help the most. I am currently building/modifying a...