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    Any news on when the ATX 3.0 PSU's will arrive?

    Got the MSI version of ATX 3.0 PSU installed. Used only Seasonic or Evga PSU for the last several years but the "burning pins" thing had me spooked. MSI was the only one available when ordered. Only the 16-pin to 16-pin cable is sleeved but even with the sleeving it is so much more flexible...
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    Which RTX 4090 card are you planning or consider to get?

    This whole 4090 upgrade is quickly becoming a rebuild! The adapter thing was scary so have ordered the MSI PSU that has native 16-pin to 16-pin connector and cable. Then decided I might as well go ahead and upgrade the CPU while at it--then install a larger AIO as that had been on my mind...
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    What Z790 Board has your interest?

    Since socket 1700 is EOL think I'll hold on to the Z690--maybe upgrade to the i7-13700KF. Especially since no huge differences between Z6-Z7 series MB.
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    Pixel 7 / Pixel 7 Pro / Pixel 7a

    Ordered the 7 Pro from Google. Still using One Plus 8 Pro which is getting a bit dated--and never got very many system upgrades nor security updates as promised. Glad to go back to pure Android and hoping Google is good with the 5-year updates as they are suggesting
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    [Rumour] Intel to cut back on Arc discrete GPU

    Intel's Raja Koduri Refutes Rumors About Company Cancelling Arc Graphics
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    opinions wanted on this Phanteks case

    Been using Phanteks cases for the last several years. Build quality is excellent and they have tons of ways to configure components. Used the case you are looking at about 5 years ago then used an Enthoo Luxe which I think is obsolete now but also a very nice case. Bought the Enthoo Primo and...
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    How to remove these screws?

    Yep, drill those babies out. Do it all the time at work but be really careful to get all the metal shavings/filings out of the case before you try to use it. Might short circuit something. BTW, welcome to the forums. Keep coming back.
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    Looking for USB port covers like this one

    In a brief search these are the most similar. There might be others
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    Think I've only installed using a CD or mounting an .ISO file. Guess that is why it always installs in MBR. Remember when the USB booting started and it did UEFI or some such. Never messed with it. Now that I've found an easy way to change MBR to GPT after installing Windows, figure I'll...
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    The 7700k was released only 1 quarter before the 7900x so not sure what the difference is. And other 7700 versions have now made the list. The accepted CPU list by MS has a sort of spongy floor. Back in June or so, the list was pretty limited--7900x not on it-- by mid-August more CPUs were...
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    I don't ever recalling Windows asking how I wanted to install it--using MBR or GPT--maybe I just missed. Anyhow, changing it seemed like a daunting task. Searched around and found the simplest way. Did this before upgrading to W11. Converting MBR to GPT in an existing install of Windows 10...
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    Microsoft has re-released the PC Health Check app. Check to see if your hardware can run Windows 11. After updating BIOS, GPT, secure boot and such, it said my hardware could run Windows 11. Also confirmed by a third-party app. Downloaded 11 and installed. Played with it for a time but...
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    RGB Fans

    Bought these for a new build but haven't used yet. Price was reasonable. 120mm is a bit cheaper.
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    This Robot Does All the Cooking For You

    My back is so-o-o out right now--where can I get one of these things! Wonder if Medicare will pay for it? Prolly have to wait until they come down in price a bit.