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    Do you want 64GB of DDR5? Be prepared to spend two times more than DDR4 to go slower!

    Your Microsoft software and computer hardware is all imported.
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    Boeing and Airbus Warn of Risks from 5G, Ask for Implementation Delay

    It is not just coming out now, it's an old story that keeps getting rehashed. I first read about it 3 years ago.
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    Your CPU progression

    80286 12 MHz AMD 386DX-40 Intel 486DX4-100 <too many drunk days to remember> <hundreds> Current: 5600X
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    Transparent Taskbar Windows 11

    Pretty slick, for those who don't want to get it through the MS Store like me, here is the github download link:
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    Poll: Upgrade to Windows 11 in 4Q 2021?

    Pulled the trigger and upgraded to 11 on my new 5600x build, no issues whatsoever. I do miss quick launch on the taskbar but I'm fine with the other UI changes.
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    $100-$150 DAC/AMP Options

    Yeah, thanks. I ended up buying a Schitt Fulla, the wait time wasn't as long as they stated on the website.. it shipped today.
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    Store 10 GB data for 7-8 years, SSD?

    I vote for spinners and quality CD-R's.
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    might not != will not
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    Will GFWL limit Fallout 3 modding?

    I'm going with Serenity, I want to try out Requiem.
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    Will GFWL limit Fallout 3 modding?

    Finishing a new PC build, haven't gamed in years, on Wednesday and the first thing I'm doing is installing Skyrim. Already have my modlist planned out.
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    Rate my PS2 collection so far.

    10/10 cause it works for Steam reviews.
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    Sexy but "can it run Crysis"?

    I posted an article a few weeks ago about this, there will be either DDR4 or DDR5 boards.. no hybrids.
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    Sexy but "can it run Crysis"?

    AORUS Z690 Master spotted: LGA1700 socket, DDR5, PCIe 5.0 slots teased
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    Windows 11 available on October 5

    negative, it's always been and .exe