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    What is up with the used graphics card price market?

    Yeah, Cov19 causes hardware supply chain to choke and price increase at everything. So people ran to the used market and suck it dry.
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    Nintendo 64 N64 long cart dev NTSC 16 MEG EEPROM 40 WINKS BLANK.

    I think it is hard to place a value on it unless you have a back story like, what studios use the cart. I say you have better valve just collecting limited edition consoles or controller.
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    X570 Strix E/F vs Prime Pro

    A true 4 phase that can hit 600a @ 100watt is pretty dam good for a budget view.
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    So do you wait for 3060 / 3070, given they ~seem~ relatively close, or get a 2060 / 2070 Super today?

    New release card will be have mrsp for a limited number before they jack up like extra 100-300 for founder edition card. Most time aftermarket come in 2-3 months after the founder card. Usual the card like KingPin come way later in the production because the evga need to bin all the chip.
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    Sony PS4 PlayStation 4 Dev Prototype DualShock 4 Controller - Jet Black *RARE*

    I need someone opinions, what is the difference from the retail version?
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    X570 Strix E/F vs Prime Pro

    You should look into the tuf X570. It have same power stage as the top end board for $180.
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    Galax HOF DDR4 4800 xmp Memory Stick Engineering Sample 2*8gb

    Holy shit, someone should pick those up. That is a highest clock and tight timing I will even get to see.
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    GTX 1650ti thread - Another AMD threat

    Wow, when you listed it out those are a lot different type of SKU. There going be alot of buying question which is better for budget build.
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    Good compact laptop with numeric pad for $2-3k?

    What is the daily uses like on the go or office work? Because if you need that many usb you probably should get a dock
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    Good compact laptop with numeric pad for $2-3k?

    You can go for an external numberpad
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    PCIe 6.0 Specification Hits Version 0.5: On Track for 2021

    Oh yes, more bigger heatsink on southbridge. I hope they solve the watt issue with southbridge.
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    AMD vega12 4GB Engineering Sample Graphics, WORKING!!!

    Someone should get buildzoid to review this
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    Laptop WiFi Issues

    That is pretty rare to see the intel wireless card to have problem but yes it is easy to install. If you can re-paste a laptop, you can swap the wireless card. Can you tell the maker or model of the laptop because some brand (Lenovo) have whitelist on wireless card. You should try and do a...
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    Laptop WiFi Issues

    You can try intel wifi card they pretty cheap and most laptop maker uses them. Just find what kind of M.2 slot your laptop uses. If you want just post the wifi device name and I can find it for you.
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    Anybody have 10gb home network here?

    I don't know if a residential can get the full uses of 10gb because the only problem with ISP is network latency.