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    Tried Online Laser Cutting

    I usually 3d print with my Prusa i3 MK2.5 in ABS. I prototyped a part and found it to be useful, but needed it to be more durable. It's a small part that bolts into the plow attachment of my riding mower but on the back near where it clips into the normal riding mower tow point. Basically with...
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    3D printer silliness

    Along the line of surface plates, I was at one point looking at import options. For my Prusa i3 Mk2.5, I could probably do a smaller 12x18"...however a ~$50 from Shars 18x24" Grade B, 3" thick (no ledge - these are thinner/lighter) would end up with starting just over $100+ for UPS Ground (from...
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    adding metal screw inserts to 3D prints

    FDM you can probably set inserts into most printed bosses with a soldering iron. Not sure how much smaller to size the boss. SLS is probably a bit like FDM when it comes to melting plastic, so you should be able to set an insert into a boss with a soldering iron. SLA sounds like that won't work...
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    PRUSA i3 MK3S newb

    A couple years ago I built the i3 MK2S after leaving it in the shipping box for a few months. The parts were bagged nicely to line up with the major sections of build steps and it was easy enough to follow along though for that model there were lots of nuts to put onto all-thread in the right...
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    3D printer silliness

    That's some timing on the screen shot, I didn't see that option on the first site I pulled up (all3dmakers). Either way it looks like you would get the fun of assembling the printer, even if it is one time with all of the pre-printed upgrade bits, or twice if you do the stock build and decide...
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    3D printer silliness

    As far as enclosures, since some of the extruder fan parts and axis motor holders and things are 3d printed it is kind of important to not add a heater. For the most part the PSU and other electronics will be fine in a basic enclosure which might keep the inside air around 35°C or so...but if...
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    Digitizing a yearbook

    From checking the page source, it looks like Internet Archive BookReader at License terms, code and examples are at One of the developers has a blog post describing how it is put together which might help...
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    A Picture I Took 2017

    I'm also finally trying some IR. I'm finding that an 87C filter picks up light in a workable way on my 7D. And these sorts of photos need lots of work. This has some channel swapping and adjustments to get this look. And the same scene, normal color view.
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    A Picture I Took 2017

    Alaska. Caught this one in the morning.
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    A Picture I took 2016

    Morning reflection.
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    A Picture I took 2016

    I've worked with a computerized mount a bit this year, and had some time to throw my DSLR on top of it. Ambient lighting was not good with nearby lights. Just a stack of a few 300mm f/4 mid to high ISO 30 second exposures of M31, Andromeda Galaxy.
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    Crusin' Ocean City 2015 photo album

    Nice photos, I kind of like the wide tire that looks like it is moving. The supercharged cars are nice and I'd love one, but most of the older cars I remember didn't have their engine compartments filled out. As far as going, I have been in the past, but didn't go this year. And didn't make...
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    A Picture I Took 2014 - Contains NSFW Images

    Yes, this was an Antares Rocket carrying CRS-3.