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    Dedicated MythTV forum? mythbackend randomly crashing on pvr250...

    Are there any dedicated mythtv forums around? None came up on google, but I'm looking for a high concentration of experience with mythtv... Anyway, to the point, my problem is that mythbackend seems to be randomly exiting. The log in /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log is this...
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    Can any software do this?

    The command to shutdown in XP is "shutdown -s -t 00" So just use system() (C/C++) or Shell (VB) to execute that command when you want to shut down.
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    Old HTPC

    I'd personally go with Debian, simply because you can do the minimalist install without compiling anything on it.
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    Can any software do this?

    Absolutely possible on a Linux/MythTV setup. Off the top of my head, you could set up a cron job to start up a little X program (small script, running as root, written in */Tk) which says something like "Shutting system down in 5 minutes..." that would just countdown and shut the system...
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    MythTV / mplayer + Remote question

    Yeah, I finally came across the list of commands. mplayer doesn't seem to support subtitles in mkv files (that I can find), and even the ones in my .ogm files aren't working properly (although it claims they should) I also can't find any way to switch between mulitple audio streams in an...
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    MythTV / mplayer + Remote question

    Okay, so after a month of struggling with a faulty motherboard, I finally got my HTPC up and running. A bit slow, but I can deal with it for now. Anyway, I've run into an issue with Mplayer and LIRC, and I'm wondering if anyone has seen this, or has an idea how to solve it (I'm posting here...
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    Black Screen with nvidia 6111 drivers and TNT1

    I'm stuck right now, just wondering if anyone else has encountered this type of problem. I've got a Gentoo box running 2.6.9 and the nvidia 6111 drivers, using a Diamond Viper v550 16M TNT1, and I'm getting a black screen when X starts up. (Yes, the nvidia kernel module has been loaded, the...
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    Antec Overture Question / Small + Queit HSF

    If anyone else out there has an Antec Overture, I have a question. I'm probably going to use this for my HTPC case, as my current plan is to transform my existing box into an HTPC, and acquire an SFF box for use in my office, and so I need an inexpensive full-sized ATX case, and the Overture...
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    disappearing Surround Audio in Doom3 workaround...

    A better solution is to bind a key to s_restart (which restarts the sound subsystem -- this is what you're doing in the case where you toggle the surround sound on and off). At the console (Ctrl+Alt+~) type bind home s_restart and hit that whenever the sound dies.
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    Doom 3 Surround on Abit nf7-s crackles

    Same problem here, A7N8X-E Deluxe. It has also been reported on some audigy cards, as well. For now, bind a key to s_restart in the console, and hit that whenever the sound dies or starts to crackle badly. I'm assuming a fix will be forthcoming from id. (Console is Ctrl+Alt+~, and...
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    5.1 speaker recommendations for under $200 Canadian

    Just out of curiosity, what kind of sound hardware were you running these off of ? I had the same problem with my Altec Lansing 251s running off of a Soundstorm board, and I discovered that the board has issues with swapping the Centre/LFE channels. So the center comes out of the subwoofer...
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    A7N8X setup/config/troubleshoot FAQ

    n/m, I managed to get Win2K installed after slipstreaming SP4 onto it.
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    A7N8X setup/config/troubleshoot FAQ

    I can't do either. I've tried installing windows on a HDD that doesn't have Windows on it, and it bombs out at the same place that the install with the windows HDD plug in does. Basically, the windows setup process gets to the "Starting Windows 2000" phase, and then dies with the stop...
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    A7N8X setup/config/troubleshoot FAQ

    Here's my situation. I just got a new A7N8X-E Deluxe, and I bring it home, plug everything in, and p00f, I get a BSOD with the Stop 0x7B error (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE). Specs: Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe rev 1.01 512M Single Channel DDR 2 Maxtor 40G HDDs AMD Athlon 1.3G (100Mhz FSB) Windows...