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    PS3 now 70% cheaper to make say Sony

    Is that a fact, that the PSPgo is going to be taking up some space on that built-in 16gb, though? As far as I know, the current PSP's have a built-in cache of separate memory for the OS and whatnot. I don't see why they would change that now, just because they have some extra space to use in...
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    PS3 now 70% cheaper to make say Sony

    Do you realize WHY it costs more money? Because you no longer HAVE to buy a memory stick with it. 16gb Memory Sticks (which is now built-in) go for AT LEAST $70. How much is a PSP2000/3000, again? $170 for the base PSP experience ~$70 for the built-in storage you get Do the math and tell me if...
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    Carmack, the man, the myth, the legend says Rage runs better on....

    It's called development time. Believe it or not, but every 3D game you've ever played has had this problem in production. The game is a ways off - relax, people.
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    Fat Princess available tomorrow on psn!!

    Honestly, I didn't like the game much during the beta - it was a nightmare of a beta. But, I'm a sucker for these high-profile PSN releases, so I bought it... and I don't regret it one bit. While there are some Matchmaking issues to speak of at the moment, the actual gameplay is an absolute...
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    22 final bosses in 5 minutes.

    What the hell @ FEAR being up there. That's so not a boss battle.
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    Wipeout HD Fury available next week

    Best DLC ever. Seriously.
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    PS3 Private chat missing?

    Create a Chat Room for you and your friend. Bam. Note that there's no voice chat, though. :( Just text but hey, you didn't specify! lol I'm sure voice chat is a feature to come in time.
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    Mount & Blade Expansion?

    Wasn't the expansion supposed to be multiplayer or something? EDIT: Nvm clicked the link. lol Sounds great. I'll definitely be checking it out when it's released.
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    Valkyria Chronicles 2 coming to PSP

    Boooo!! I want a PS3 sequel dammit.
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    Penn and Tellers opinion on violent video games

    They said "was" everytime they referred to him as one.
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    Penn and Tellers opinion on violent video games

    Looked to me like the kid got hit with the butt of the gun when it discharged. I think that's the main reason he didn't like it/cried. lol
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    PS3 to pick up 360 exclusive

    Console? None. It is available on the PC, though. And yes, the PC does count.
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    PS3 to pick up 360 exclusive

    Except... Sony isn't behind the leak. The Sixth Axis site is. Either way, it's probably Mass Effect, but that should come as no surprise considering it's an EA franchise now. Meh. My Shepard's on my PC so I wouldn't get it.
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    Battlefield 1943 demo up on Xbox Live Arcade now

    The voice chat is proximity based as far as I can tell, unless you're in a squad.