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    Post your Aquamark3 scores with your 6800GT OC'd crap memory, no tweaking, don't even have the card anymore but here you go.
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    What do I need to OC a 2.8GHz w/800 fsb?

    Fingers, a keyboard, perhaps a monitor. :D You can get an in depth answer in the overclocking and cooling section, but I would suggest trying to hit 250fsb with a 5:4 divider so your memory can run at ddr400 speeds still. You might have to give your vcore a little bump though, make sure...
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    anyone own a 570J ???

    You must have missed the words VAPOCHILL. If I didn't make it clear, that will be on my next system.
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    anyone own a 570J ???

    I think I meant 55c. I haven't touched it in a week or so, i'll report back with screenshots, etc.. after I put it back together(im lazy).
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    anyone own a 570J ???

    Maybe 65c at most and that is if its texas hot outside, i'll have to double check that cause i'm not totally sure. Might be a few days though, no video card and i'm too lazy to put the system back together with an MX. Parabellum, check your pm, sorry about that!!!
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    anyone own a 570J ???

    The cooling was a Gigabyte 3Dcooler with AS5, which isn't the best cooling solution but it worked fine for me. I'm about to go vapochill but i'm getting a better heatsink today cause I got paid :D As for why it runs so cool, this might be just with the ES's, but the cpu boots to 1.36v default...
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    anyone own a 570J ???

    Yes, I love mine. Runs so cold I might just throw it in a shuttle too.
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    Selling Engineering Samples illegal?

    Fly low on the radar and they shouldn't care. IMO it would be a waste of time and money to bust someone for selling a few ES processors. If they started dishing out a ton of them on ebay I would understand.
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    478 or 775?

    Get a newer 5xxJ p4, mine idles lowww.
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    Selling Engineering Samples illegal?

    Of course anything this good has to be illegal ;) but I think its cause I robbed sativaman at gunpoint for mine.
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    Intel "J" CPU's and the Dustbuster

    What kind of temps are you getting with the stock cooler? I was using a gigabyte 3D Cooler cause it was the only 775 hsf I could get at a local store and my temps were around 39-42c idle. My experience with the new E0's is that they run way cooler. My 478 prescott had about a 10c higher idle.
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    7+ G Overclock on Main Page

    witch hunt much?
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    6800ultra, or XT-PE?? Buying in the next 3 days

    I used my roommates xt-pe and didn't notice enough difference in cs:s to even warrant paying more over my GT.
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    Who owns a 3.46EE?

    I believe he is talking about the LGA775 1066FSB newer 3.46EE.