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    What really is the benefit of DocuSign?

    Docusign is much easier than going into settings to create a signed key, getting the correct location of where the signature should be (both page and location on the page), and then sending the correct, signed version of the file (unless the user overwrites the original unsigned version of the...
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    The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

    Assassin's Creed protagonists getting worse and worse.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Thoughts on sand?
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    WiFi MAC randomization - good for privacy on public networks, but bad for home security?

    Feels like trying to use a tank to kill a fly. Why are you worried about Public WIFI on your home network? Yes, MAC randomization + VPN can be helpful if you are putting your laptop (or phone/tablet) on public WIFI, like out at a coffee shop. For a machine that will only ever be on the home...
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    The Witcher: A New Saga Begins

    Curious if they will go with a fixed Protagonist, or "Create your own". I like that the Witcher series had Geralt as the primary character throughout(with the ability to play as Ciri being a fun bonus I wish they had done more of). In my opinion, it keeps a cleaner story. I love Mass Effect...
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    Xbox series X

    Nvidia Shield Pro + Gamestream
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    Is it normal for LTE data plan to connect to reserved IP for DNS resolution?

    I think the confusion was that it sounded like OP thought =
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    Destiny 2

    This game is kind of confusing for new players or those who only play sporadically, but it is quite fun. I started a Hunter a while ago, and got up to the point where i got sent to a hub planet/station. I also started a Warlock and played it a bit. A few weeks ago I started a Titan but only...
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    So, am I the only one that AMD treats like a criminal when requesting an RMA?

    Possibly, but not always is it the retailer re-shrink wrapping. Similar to Dan_D, Many many years ago now I worked at CompUSA (and Computer City prior to it being converted into CompUSA). I saw returns where the people would re-shrink wrap the boxes themselves. The problem is, often times the...
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    Forcing Chrome browser to cache (and keep the cache) for a site

    Static form. Under single domain, hosted in Azure. Things like the calendar will, once cached come up instantaneously in Edge, but on Chrome it is not getting cached/takes the same time every time you load
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    Forcing Chrome browser to cache (and keep the cache) for a site

    Having an interesting situation with a browser based tool. In Edge, browsing around the tool/site will build up the cache, and pages will pull from the cache and load quickly when returning to them. In Chrome, it seems after clicking around to a few pages, Chrome is dropping old cache items...
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    Microsoft to Remove Ability to Install Win 11 Pro Without Being Online and Signing in to Microsoft Account

    Thanks for your inputs. I am familair with AD for enterprise environment, but had not considered it, nor SAMBA4, for home. I will go look into this for a fun new project
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    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

    And she's gone now...
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Witcher 3 and Mass Effect:Andromeda. Playing 2 "similar" games at the same time has made me frustrated with the lack of commonization of controls; namely run, jump and dodge.
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    What are you guys using for a router that you love?

    Yea, I am not in any hurry to upgrade. Honestly, the hEX has been solid and runs Dude just fine. Its just the itch to get more of the network to 10Gb, and > 1 Gb. I will likely end up stalling until I can find a router with 2 SFP+, instead of just 1. I want to have the router -> switches...