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    Backup software

    I'm looking for something that will backup defined folders at shut down (or entire drives) but folders definately Thanks
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    Windows XP SP2 (FINAL) **1st post updated**

    Installed it this morning. IE6 stopped working. (wouldn't finish loading pages). Uninstalled it and every thing is back to normal
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    Is Visiontek still around?

    Still writing my A.G. The web page said they would honor all warranties and they not honoring mine. I feel that if they bought the name and said they would honor old VisionTek warranties, then they should! It's not about profit, it's about sticking to what you said, not posting one thing on a...
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    Is Visiontek still around?

    Thanks. Found the original paperwork and got the phone number. Long story short, I'm screwed and the "NEW" VisionTek sucks. Will not own one of their products again and thinking about contacting my states Attorney General
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    Is Visiontek still around?

    I've got a 2year old GeForce 2 that's suppposed to be under lifetime warranty. It went kaput and I can't get through to the Visiontek Home or any other page.
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    $56.00 credit

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    $56.00 credit

    @ NewEgg for a mobo. Gotta stick with Athlon, Athlon XP. Need the best bang for the buck @ around $80.00, shipping included. Suggestions? TIA
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    White/Blue LED's

    I got 20, with resistors for $15.00, shipped. Wish search worked though, 'cause this isn't a bad deal either
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    White/Blue LED's Cheapest I've found.
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    My boss's computer turns on when he walks in the room

    Did you check the switch and wires to it. Might be the bad/loose and shorting out.
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    Recommend a modem for me

    Thanks, I'll check it out
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    Recommend a modem for me

    I'm stuck with dial up and my modem is acting up. I need a good hardware (no win-modem crap, please) modem. Need brands and model numbers Thanks
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    help computer randomly restarts!

    Just out of curiosity, are you running the latest version of ZoneAlarm? I was having similar problems. Ran a debugger and checked event viewer, both pointed to ZAP. Unistalled ZAP and no more problems. Did a Google on "Zone Alarm Random Reboots" and it turns out that I'm not the only one with...