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    FEAR and "hitching" with an 8800gts

    what kind of mouse are you using? and if its an opitical mouse, what kind of surface is it on? i had that problem that sounds similar, it would look like the game would stutter and i'd get spun around, but it was just the mouse ... i donno how to describe it, loosing track of itself. i put a...
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    Most visually appealing while stoned...

    when i was in university there was a game i'd always play called "darkstone" ... it was easy, fun, and incredibly immersive (for the year 2000). Not to confirm any stereotypes, but the grand-theft auto games always were really appealing under the influence. especially the later ones, 3 and...
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    HD Crashed, looking for advice

    I bought a pair of seagate 160gb drives about 2 years ago. One crapped out on me today. Initially, data wasn't showing up, i'd open a file, it'd take a minute or so before anything showed up, then it would only show 100 files when there had been 1,500 or so previously. I rebooted and it went...
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    Strange 'lights' appearing in Rainbow Six Vegas...

    hehe, thats what i was thinking.
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    i didn't like the expansion all that much, but the original game was amazing ... completely took me by suprise.
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    usually "I tried changing it, but It doesn't work." and "I don't know NOTHING about IRQs" shouldn't go together in one sentence! you can get a picture of what IRQ's are here >>
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    7800 gtx vs. nvidia quadro 1400 for rendering

    i wouldn't bother buying a different card unless he's going to be doing serious rendering, even then, 3D rendering isn't dependent on your GPU, its more in tune with how much RAM you have as well as the number of CPU's and their speed. if he's just using a computer for photoshop, you've given...
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    question about combining different sticks of RAM

    I just purchased two 1G sticks of pc3200, i currently have one 1G stick of pc2700 in my system. i was wondering if it would be possible to stick the two pc3200 sticks in with the pc2700? i figure they'd just clock down to the the slower of the three. I'm doing a tremendous amount of...
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    need help fast, driver CD for asus MB.

    I screwed up some onboard drivers when i installed some new drives. I'm going to reformat but I can't find the CD that came with my asus board. Their website doesn't seem to have all the drivers listed that i need, so i was wondering if there's anywhere I could request a cd from asus? or if...
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    looking for a waterblock that will fit an ATI AIW X800 XT

    hey, i'm doing a little research and putting together a WC setup ... i've hit a bit of a bump with my gpu though. almost all of dangerdens ATI blocks say that they won't fit an AIW card ... i was curious if anyone knew of a good block that'd fit the card i have. thanks - tek.
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    question about updating ati drivers

    sorry, i should have mentioned that i did all that when i got the new card. right now my problem is that the drivers bundled with the card are old enough to update. my question is, with all of the extra hardware on the AIW card, is there some specific download i need to get? or can i simply...
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    question about updating ati drivers

    I recently upgraded my graphics card from an old nvidia card to an ati all in wonder x800 xt. being that i've had nvidia cards for years, and this new card has alot more going on with it (aside from just display functions) ... i realized i dont know how to update it. ati's website has...
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    question about monitoring temps

    I just bought an ATI AIW X800 XT and was wondering if there was anyway to monitor the GPU core temp? according to a few websites, it has the hardware to do so .... but I'm at a loss as to what program to use. if anyone could point me in the right direction, i'd appreciate it. cheers - tek