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    Disabling hyperthreading

    Later vulns are primarily Intel ones. AMD has always been kind of less vulnerable overall. And nowadays almost all of us do banking or some kind of money management (or other work related data that our money depends on) on their computers unless it's about a machine purely made for gaming and...
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    Is my 12V power supply too low?

    4.91 for the 5V rail (and 12V being kind of high) speaks of some kind of uneven load distribution and/or PSU that is group regulated and/or not being the nearly-ideal match for your system. I've had similar issues before with my old PSU which had its 12V go as high as 12.6V before on my old...
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    Is my 12V power supply too low?

    Voltages readings are not everything. That low voltages if real, could be an indication of faulty psu. Although within specs, it's not that good and it should be a little more than 12v anyway.
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    OMG why is Win10 install still glitchy! need help!

    Yeah, this can be observed as one of the flaws of Windows as a whole, that's why I always too disconnect other drives from the system while installing the OS! ALWAYS. Also I always partition the drive beforehand mnually. Almost always I define one partition for the OS and any other for data etc...
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    OMG why is Win10 install still glitchy! need help!

    Just to take this the other way around (trying to force triangle peg into a square hole) - I install Windows Servers on quite a few consumer hardwares. Absolutely no issues apart from few particular drivers sometimes, after the installation. I assume there will be cases of installer malfunctions...
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    Whats next for HDDs?

    If 10+TB SSDs would possess 10-20MB/s (6-8-10 bits per cell) write speed, then no no, thank you! The bigger the capacity, the bigger files become (movies, ISOs, games etc. which is the main thing we would use such capacities for!) and the more important would be the NAND speeds, even if SLC...
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    [SOLVED]Networking issue with my new NAS

    How's that? 10Gbps link's theoretical throughput is a little over 1.16GB/s so you might have overcome the physic's laws. Or you just ran into caching 'issues' which is the most probable explanation. Just as a side note - there is a known "feature" of Windows when using Windows networking. It's...
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    Pimp my system

    Also strongly recommend go for dual channel memory - 2*8 instead of 1x16, especially if considering ryzen.
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    Fast portable hard drives?

    USB 3.1 is now "renamed" to further confuse users. 3.1 Gen 1 is the old USB 3.0 (5Gbps), and Gen 2 is the old USB 3.1 (10Gbps). I'd go (and went) the 3.5" drive in a USB 3.0 docking station. Any drive would saturate itself in such scenario, 150-200MB/s. I don't really trust "external" drives per...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    They sure only get you to consume content like netflix and numerous other like that :) . Boy, 40 up.... it's just enough to send "hey, I want to see channel XXX..." :) . Otherwise they'd offer 1KB/s if they could. I also have 1G but in both directions. I hate such disbalance ratios - I get upset...
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    [SOLVED} Bit of a Nightmare

    Again - Adobe as any large and complex software is millions of lines of code, different technologies etc.. you could never know what it doesn't "like" in your (new or old) system, no matter if it costs $100 or $100,000, no matter if temps are 100 degrees or 10 or -10. There is always something...
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    Max character limits for Windows...

    I don't know when and/or how you tested. Now I tested again and it copies files from 300+ long paths just fine. Well, if I try to rename a file to a name with over 255 chars, then XY fails with (its) error message about too long filename. I can't figure a use case when a single path element...
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    A good 120 or 240v UPS that is pure sinewave?

    "Also is online vs interactive that big of a deal? Assuming reasonable quality of power?" - Yes, it's the big deal quality-wise, of course assuming a decent manufacturer and implementation. The main reason - the zero switching time and the constant sinewave at the output outlet no matter what's...
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    UPS Shutting Off

    Sure, if one can get it, get a true sinewave. But... Although I have true sinewaves for more than 11 years now, blackouts were so rare (since then, what a coincidence)... that they are probably 5 minutes a year. And I wouldn't equate gasoline car to diesel. Rather a gasoline car to the same...