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    Upgraded from 1700x to 5600 and now mobo does not post

    Definitely try this!
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    Will windows 11 clean installe lower my Temps?

    My computer usually runs cooler after I download more RAM. Seriously though, you may need to clean and reapply thermal paste.
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    Musk to cut half of Twitter jobs and end remote work for the rest, report says

    Is this the best you and your group can come up with? However, we know things are being balanced out if we are starting to see this.
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    Musk to cut half of Twitter jobs and end remote work for the rest, report says

    Right, its dead now because both sides of the story can be heard. CHECK. Also, why do people feel the need to announce they are leaving twitter? NO ONE CARES.
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    Nvidia RTX 3080 FE RMA experience

    I use all my DP ports so I would have RMAed it. Sucks that you got a lame card though.
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    Is Linux Ready for Prime Time?

    Linux is more ready for prime time than Windows is, not a joke.
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    Newegg is doing the b/s bundles again for the new NVidia cards

    Exactly, all apart of the plan. I would urge everyone who is interested in buying to wait it out until the façade is over and prices normalize.
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    Installing Windows today, Win 10 or 11?

    I would recommend Windows 3.1, that way you don't get all the bloat with newer windows versions. Plus, you can play ski free.
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    AMD Chipset Drivers Download v2.13.27.501

    Never had any issues with Intel or AMD chipset drivers, yet. I just installed these and will see if there are any issues.
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    7950X $680 at amazon

    In stock and sold by Amazon for $699, wouldn't touch a 3rd party, ever.
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    How Long Until Intel Competes at the Top End?

    Exactly 3.14 years
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    Did you get a 4090?

    This is because they want to create hype. If you are able to preorder from day 1; you may change your mind, read reviews, think about the cost, etc. Its too logical to be able to just buy something. They want you to have as little choice as possible with the feeling of FOMO.
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    Did you get a 4090?

    I have a feeling that stock is being artificially limited to create a fake perception of high demand. We will see in the next few weeks.
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    Pixel 7 / Pixel 7 Pro

    Just ordered the Pixel 7. Will be trading in my Pixel 4a, which I bought for only $150 several years ago! Going with the Spigen case like I did with the 4a.