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    Paypal Changes?

    Ive done f&f with Z a few times. You gotta choose your trust relationships.
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    Paypal Changes?

    This is tech news because, well its paypal. Secondly I think it goes here because of how many of us at the site use this tech to pay each other etc... Mods if this dont belong please move it however I have no idea where else this would go. What in the hell does this even mean? Now that many of...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine Returning in 2019 as EV Range Extender

    Sweet hook up a 787b 3 rotor and power a village.
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    Senators call for US to follow EU's lead in creating a national standard for phone chargers

    Way to stifle innovation Yeahhhh!! Go Government!
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    Starlink avail now for RVs

    Right on! As I have said I am moving to Savannah, GA way out here.... so I will definitely make use of it. I think all the cable internet runs stop before that far out. Plus I wouldn't mind having an RV as well to hit up the mountains to the north in TN from time to time. We live in Atlanta...
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    Starlink avail now for RVs

    Now avail for RVs I dont own an RV but I might get one since im moving West of Savannah, GA in the deep sticks next month. We want to get an RV so why the hell not. 600+ dollars for the dish
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    Threadripper is no more!

    On an offtopic slightly, threadripper pro etc ... Im building a simple 7313p Epyc 3rd gen for a small client and its absolutely blazing in vsphere. Id almost suggest a legit server cpu for your HEDT home rig instead of an HEDT cpu at this time.
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    Billy Mitchell Now Suing Karl Jobst

    Dude is feeding himself food by constant law suiting haha
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    Threadripper is no more!

    I know all of this. What I am saying is ... unless you can make a CPU in your basement that is comparable then there is no amount of complaining about it that will change anything. We have to move on. Or you can petition by signature, AMD and Intel. I am using a 5800x and I have 2 NVME on it...
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    Threadripper is no more!

    For what? When HEDT is no more and it appears that is where it is going, there wont be anything short of a server cpu that is going to give lanes, so its time to move on. I cant make a CPU and I have to go with what is available.
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    Threadripper is no more!

    High end desktop? Id rather not run hedt anymore. Small blazung fast lower energy normal cpu is far better over all. Ive owned all kinds of hedt. Totally obsolete now.
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    ‘Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet’ NFT Went on Sale for $48M. It Ended With a Top Bid of Just $280

    And now Musk is outright wanting to purchase all of Twitter and reverse everything poor ole Jacky worked so hard to do, cough cough Ban countless people. This nft auction sale shows the exact value society holds for dear Jack.
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    R7 5800X3D, R7 5700X, R5 5600, R5 5500, R5 4600g, R5 4500, R3 4300 incoming

    None... I have a 5800x and its gobs of power Looking forward to 6900xt replacement. Not refresh, think 7900xt