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    Are we getting Ryzen Desktop 8000 or is it just APU

    Not a bad idea
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    Are we getting Ryzen Desktop 8000 or is it just APU

    So, to be fair, I haven't been keeping up with the news. Are we getting Ryzen 8000 series Desktop CPUs or is the 8000 series only going to be APUs and we are going to have to wait until 9000 series Desktop CPUs? What about 8000 series GPUs. I can buy a 7800x3d rght now, the prices are great at...
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    Nvidia is ‘No longer a graphics company’

    Wonderful, now we can can elevate and increase our headfirst disaster into AI worldwide destruction of jobs, careers, purpose, and even human life. I absolutely am 99% against AI research that isn't regulated. And there are zero regulations. This is the one and only time I genuinely want him to...
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    Samsung Profits Plunge by 96%

    Got my AMD 6800h and 3070ti. Games fine on ext 1440p 240hz. No need to upgrade. Food cost too much so no PC stuff.
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    Amazon CEO Andy Jassy threatens employees to return to office or "things are probably not going to work out for you"

    I never have a. Issue returning. Are you a habitual returner? That's probably why.
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    Nvidia pulls in some $18.1B up from $5.93B this time last year...

    All Fiat, all printed, all gonna tank when Brics comes on line. Better be buying hard assets now. Au, Ag, Pt. Etc....
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    Nvidia pulls in some $18.1B up from $5.93B this time last year...

    Just watch as it plays out. All I'm gonna say.
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    Nvidia pulls in some $18.1B up from $5.93B this time last year...

    It's all virtual wealth. It isn't actually backed by deliverable asset. It's a gamestop type hype value. Nothing more. Temporary wealth is not real wealth. It will vaporize. Nvidia is volatile and should be regarded as get quick rich or lose alot if you aren't careful.
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    Threadripper 7980X & 7970X benchmarks

    I'm done with these super chips. I'm done with the obsolescence as soon as you buy it. I'm done with the inflated hyper expensive prices. I'm cool with a desktop class chip. They are already super as is. Unless these can make a genuine living, and don't bullshit yourselves, tons of people are...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Series Lineup Revealed

    I'm considering to drop $76K on a mini Excavator. AMD can keep thier CPU. Get a car. Screw a stupid cpu. Unless it makes you money. Them you're in a pickle of a decision
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    More than 5 years since launch, the Epic Game Store has still not turned profitable

    Fortnite is trash and it represents thier company
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    Valve Steam Deck OLED!

    Wow at least 10 good and kind replies to my question. The reasons you provided are very logical. I asked because I assume I'm in a particular situation that doesn't meet any of the criteria described by the community. I understand now why people buy the steam deck. Thanks for your kind replies.
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    Valve Steam Deck OLED!

    Serious question, why would anyone buy a steam deck who owns a competent gaming PC? Who are these made for? Id rather a better GPU or more of this or that for my main rig than a portable "what my PC can do far better already" handheld.
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    Is it true that 7950X3D suffers from stutter on games?

    Jays2cents just went back to I tell for his game rig. He noticed that windows doesn't know sometimes to push games to the 3dvcache ccd and instead a lot of times push games to the non cache ccd. This causes a host of issues and defeats the purpose of having the cache. AMD screwed up not making...
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    Nintendo Switch Successor Dev Kit Is Reportedly in the Hands of a Spanish Studio

    Your one of those people who are ok with accepting minimum wage as your fate eh? Who cares what anyone else is doing. Why can't we desire that Nintendo be different and stop being meager and boring like everyone else.