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  • Hello, I sent you a PM regarding your i7- 4790, not sure if you got it. Either way i offered 250- shipped.
    Hi Mike, I received the card yesterday and after I changed the beta for the regular drivers
    there was no more weird color flickers.

    Your card is only a little newer then mine, but Yours has a different bios.

    I downloaded three different programs but just cant figure out how to
    change the bios. I think both cards should be running the same ????




    I cant get evga precision X with Riva Tuner or afterburner to show anything like
    frame rates or mem usage on my display screen, that is driving me nuts too !

    Well the card is working and I am very happy and I thank you so much.
    If I can give you a good review of being a good seller, I would be more then
    happy to do that.
    Hi, I'm interested in the Q9550s but $280 is way out of my budget. Can you email me and we can talk about the price. theosdoren@gmail.com Thank you for your time
    Hey just wondering how you got the screws for your optical drive in your SG05W. Need to obtain some correct sized screws for a slim tray drive.
    Quote: "I was supposed to be sent one as well. Do you know when I will be receiving my silver PC-Q07?"

    Honest dude ? You have been promised one too ??
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