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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Yep. So I have heard, X-boobs are screwed, at least with the stock T3500.
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Hiya, folks. I just wanted to chime in as an X58 driver. I, in the good old years, OC'd Intel and AMD CPUs. Even an ATI 9500 Pro, or two. As far as I know, there is no way to OC Dell Precision T3500 CPUs.
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    "No Survivors": Second New Boeing 737 to Crash in Four Months

    I'm not a pilot, nor am I an avionics expert. What I am is a US Air Force vet whose AFSC (job title) was "Comm/Nav." My job covered all aspects of radio communication and RADAR, capitalized because it's an acronym, not talking down to anybody who knows that. I have more hours in the back of...
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    Windows 10 Update Can Degrade Graphics, Mouse Performance in Certain Games

    Why does it seem like we are kinda going backwards?
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    Intel Might Become the World's Top Chipmaker Again

    Kind off-topic, but imagine a regional destabilization caused by the PRC (China) attacking the RoC (Taiwan.)
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    NSA Releases Free "GHIDRA" Reverse Engineering Tool

    I'm glad that we, the US, have the NSA. But their covert activities are enough to make me put on my tinfoil hat. Their overt activities? All-over tinfoil. They're up to something, I tells ya. Kinda just kidding.
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    Windows 10: New Study Shows Home Edition Users Are Baffled by Updates

    I would dump Win 10 in favor of Linux in a heartbeat, but I just don't want to have to tinker with Linux to get the games I like to work. I used to like tinkering. I just don't really have the time for it these days. And even dual-booting isn't something that I want to mess with. Well, as I...
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    What are some of the good transparent anti-virus S/W for windows 10?

    Honestly, just using Windows Defender, and common sense, I have been just fine for three years so far. But if you want to give a free trial a go, give it a try. If you decide on a free version for everyday use, read lots of reviews first.
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    Huawei Announces the $2,600 Foldable Mate X Smartphone: It Folds Outwards!

    Off topic quite a bit, but do you guys actually trust Huawei at this point? I'm ambivalent about them.
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    Dell X58 Cleaning Time. Should get a new HSF.

    I really don't understand why you folks are coming down so hard on me. Again, I wasn't trying to sell anything. And if I were selling anything, I would make it quite clear that the goods were from a smoking household. I'm going to give my computer a good cleaning soon. I know it's going to...
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    Logitech MX 518 w/ Hero sensor

    My MX518 is probably fixable. Mouse pointer just drifts to the left a bit. Yeah, everything has it's way of working out, the ebb and flow of time. Eventually I'll dig into it and fix it. Eddies in the space-time continuum. There is nothing on this site, or any sites, worthy of getting...
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    No Link between Violent Video Games and Increased Aggression in Teens, Study Finds

    Err body gonna find a way to satiate the need.
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    Police are Using Drones in 911 Calls

    I have no problem with LEOs using drones.
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    Dell X58 Cleaning Time. Should get a new HSF.

    Hi there. I'm not trying to sell anything to anybody. I haven't blamed anybody for my computer being funkified by my smoking. I don't have anybody breathing secondhand smoke from me. Have a great night. sr.