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    Has anyone checked out the new season 4 of Fortnite? Insane with an RTX 4090...

    Kind of mind boggling how this game can eat a 4090. As a prospective buyer of a 4090 i kind of now find myself stepping back and maybe considering a cheaper/stop gap card if UE5 games are going to make me want a faster(?!!) gpu in a couple of years. Or maybe the problem is I shouldnt buy a 4K...
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    Anybody plan on grabbing one of the new RX7xxx Navi cards on launch?

    Just supply and abiliy to resupply. Neither amd nor nvidia have a strong track record of this over the last few years obviously…
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    Anybody plan on grabbing one of the new RX7xxx Navi cards on launch?

    Wonder if the AIB's are going to muck this product launch up. AIB Card costs out of China are putting the XTX within a few hundred of 4090's. Which would be a complete non-starter if that holds true here in NA. If a 7900XTX is going to cost me $250 to $300 under a 4090, I'm just going to get...
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    new glossy monitor like the Dell s2415h? Any exist?

    Short answer: No Slightly longer answer: but not sure if they are actually shipping product yet and the company has a bit of a history with regards to failed promises, constant and significant delays etc.
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    Nvidia's RT performance gains not as expected?

    this is what was said about FSAA in the first 5-7 years it was around too. And I'd say its been something people dont even think about turning off or on for, hmmm, maybe at least 6 years now? More? I definitely stopped thinking about it with the 1080Ti...
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    Who else is waiting on Zen 4 x3D before upgrading?

    I am giving it the ol' best effort. If they truly announce at CES and have availability within 6-8 weeks... ish... I am definitely on board. But if its a CES sneak peak with no availability until summer then I dont know, it could be RPL time. I desperately need a new system, top down.
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    Nvidia's RT performance gains not as expected?

    His whole position is just really perplexing. He is saying that relative to the raster increases gen on gen, the raytracing increases are poor, and by 'poor' meaning only slightly outpacing the raster increases. As if somehow the relative increase to raster is somehow more relevant or more...
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    Dell Alienware AW3423DWF 34″ QD-OLED 165Hz FreeSync Premium Pro (3440 x 1440)

    Also, its not about the fan noise today, its about the fan noise 4 years from now.
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    Installing Windows today, Win 10 or 11?

    I would go windows 11 only because I am a very simple user of the OS and that simple functionality is fine in W11. I will also be using an HDR display device and that is one area where W11 is dramatically better tuned than W10.
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    Dell Alienware AW3423DWF 34″ QD-OLED 165Hz FreeSync Premium Pro (3440 x 1440)

    Will be the same as its the same panel and windows is still the same.
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    AW3821DW (Nov 2020) with GSync Ultimate

    No i have a 3 year old LG 34" but would have upgraded to the 38" until all of these OLEDs turned up complicating things. But I am definitely a gigantic 21:9 zealot which is why even though I am eyeballing a C2 it is with definite mixed feelings...
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    Anybody plan on grabbing one of the new RX7xxx Navi cards on launch?

    Im definitely finding myself more and more receptive to the 7900XTX for sure. I think it will ultimately come down to whats available when I pull the trigger on a new cpu (waiiting for Zen4X3D). If the 4090's are readily available I will go that route, but I will not be waiting on...
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    AW3821DW (Nov 2020) with GSync Ultimate

    I said it before and I'll say it again, the 38" 21:9 form factor is absolutely perfect imo. Its a shame that it hasnt taken off at all. 3840x1600 is a fantastic resolution, but i feel the 38" size could also easily handle 5120x2160 too.
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    RTX 4080: Countdown To Second-Best™

    I thought the answer was pretty clear: A 'reasonably' priced 4080 would negatively impact sales of 3070 to 3090 parts which the channel is stuffed with and struggling to clear through. Nvidias position is essentially "please help us clear the channel but if you really really want a 40x0 we're...
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    Odyssey Neo G8 - 4K 240 Hz 32" Quantum Mini LED

    The question is are these issues that should be fixed by Samsung Displays (ther panel maker) or Samsung Electronics (the monitor maker). If the latter, then the hope would be that some other monitor maker who uses the same samsung panel , might have better support. Of course that begets the...