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    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    I posted previously (#510) thinking that this would not be considered one of the greats. I'm about 20 hours in and I was wrong. This game is outstanding. The exploration, the leveling system, the combat, is all very satisfying and rewarding. PC Ultrawide support and 60+ fps would be great...
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    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    I was curious about the general thoughts of summoning as well. I do use them, as it makes sense with a melee build. However, after enough "sprays" my jellyfish can eventually poison the bosses I've encountered so far. Which means I can basically guard/dodge as I watch the bosses health bar...
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    Horizon Forbidden West

    In comes Breath of the Wild 2 to steal it from Elden Ring. If we do see it in Fall/Winter 2022 that is.
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    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    ^^^. Awesome, thank you.
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    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    Sooo is this a sequel to the Souls games? I'm not caught up on the story if that would at all matter. I played thru and beat Sekiro, so I was kinda hoping Elden Ring is a separate/standalone story like that.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 "Soft Relaunch" Q1 2022

    Actually, I'm the opposite and have always been a homebody. I just get too antsy around the house and feel like I should be doing other stuff up to a point in the day. For example, wife and kids are gone for 3 days next week. I took the days off for some quiet time, but instead I'm pulling out...
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    Elden Ring (From Software RPG)

    None of the above. Even if it was truly a Top 3 or Top 5 game of all time you would never know it. We live in a different time and people are feeble and most have a hive-mindset. All it will take is a few issues/bugs here or there to propagate into a big mess due to sharing pics on Twitter...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 "Soft Relaunch" Q1 2022

    I have the same problem, so I consider this my "slow burn" game so that I can play both. As I did with Red Dead 2 and Witcher 3, I try to commit to a good 1-2 hour session of this a week (maybe more if time allows). That way I don't forget too much of the story progress while also allowing time...
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for AMD, Nvidia, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    I have a legit question. I see that the 6900xt is readily available at a number of come the demand on that card isn't as high? Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know the price-to-performance ratio isn't that great at all on that card. But I thought the price-to-performance metric went out...
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    So if video card prices stay elevated for years, then what happens?

    Agreed. I'm finishing up the PS4 version of Horizon Zero Dawn DLC on my PS5, and to me, the graphics look same tier as Cyberpunk on my 3090 PC setup. Perhaps the key is the OLED screen my PS5 is hooked up to :) On top of that, there are also great games such as Hades, Dead Cells, that don't...
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    Street Fighter V (Exclusive to PS4 and PC!)

    Nice. Almost 1000 hours in SF5....I'll be ready to do it all over again in SF6. Like Domingo mentioned, it's easy to squeeze in a few matches here and there real quick. Really the only genre you can do that.
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    So if video card prices stay elevated for years, then what happens?

    I'm at the age where loading my wood stove and just sitting and enjoying the warmth is almost as enjoyable as gaming. Rather than getting robbed on the next generation of GPUs, maybe I'll consider a new stove with a nice glass window and a big firebox.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Got back into Cyberpunk. I re-started a campaign from scratch (since it's been about a year since I last played) and I'm having a good time. I'm trying to play in a similar way as my first go, but I've already gone down a completely different path, which is kinda amazing.
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    Lost Ark (Hack & Slash)

    This genre is typically not my cup of tea (top view, too much VFX, icons, cool downs, corny characters, spamming buttons, blah blah), but I may give it a try for kicks.
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    The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience

    This demo looks great on my Series X with 120" projector and Atmos setup. It will make for a good quick and easy show piece for guests..