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    Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

    Hey, I have an Ikea desk. ;) But it was on the floor... and I'll admit I was probably too rough, but only because with one hand pushing down to keep it from coming up off the ground, and the other lifting on the panel as described in the manual... front panel wouldn't budge. :) There are...
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 800D

    Just bought an 800D for $223 at Microcenter... couple thoughts so far (as I'm waiting for the rest of my parts to come tomorrow): - The front panel? Maybe I'm weak as hell, but it was not easy to remove. That leads to... - The bottom dust shield? Broke in half as I pulled the front panel...
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    Gigabyte GA-X58A UD3R memory advice

    Is this kit a good fit for this board (CPU = i7 920)? Corsiar XMS3 6GB DDR3-1600 (PC-12800) CL8 Memory Kit (Three 2GB Memory Modules) @ $139.99 after Rebate I had originally been planning on getting these...
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    Core i7 920 for $199.. good deal?

    Yeah, just picked one up this weekend for a pending build.
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    Need help- pc keeps rebooting to POST

    Could be the ram, have you tried booting up without ram in the mobo? Do you get any kind of error beeps?
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    ME1 for starters

    My opinion, ME1 had much more political intrigue in the plot... the moral decisions by themselves seemed to have more weight to them than in ME2. ME2, at least for me (played both paragon and renegade runs) was Renegade = gigantic ass... but not much else. I also like the uber-customization...
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    What do you guys do with your old systems when you upgrade?

    Sell what I can't use in another build..
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    First build finally done! What ya think?

    Nice job, clean wiring... can't say I'm a fan of the case, but the colors you chose (and how you painted them) work nicely.
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    bundymania - Watercooling Parts & Systems Gallery

    So shiny... wish I could get back into WC again. Maybe next year...
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Beautiful! Both the setup and the views!
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    My New HT Setup

    Really nice and clean... good job on the wiring.
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    Man smashes 27 TN panels in a Walmart

    Hahaha, double fisted action!
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    The Correct Eyefinity Build(tm)

    Yeah, that's a nice brick wall back there... mount them securely? That looks like it's all in the basement too... gotta be cold. :)
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    Say Hello to the I7 980X (Gulftown)

    Wow... just wow.
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    Best 2.1 setup for $100

    ^This. Really nice looking too..