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    Neptune 2s wear and tear?

    I've had my neptune 2s setup as my go to printer that printed solid (and non stop sometimes) for over a year, but now, it's constantly failing to complete jobs. Everything that does finish comes out stringy, regardless of the type or age of the filament. I replaced the ptfe tubing hoping it...
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    Maximum PC ends print publication

    2600 is still around.
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    Fs/t 9700k and 970 water cooled rig. ATL area.

    🤦‍♂️ Thanks.
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    Fs/t 9700k and 970 water cooled rig. ATL area.

    Not looking to part out yet. I can commute to sell/trade. I am wanting to trade for a Ryzen cpu upgrade the wife's pc from the 2600 I have in it now and 16gb of ram. I'm not sure of what the system is worth at this point, so I'll throw a $600 tag on it. :) I'm not using it much so I'm open to...
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    What to do with a really old laptop ?

    Sell it here. Donate it to ... Idk?
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    Need some LR/PTP help

    What is limiting the ability to hardwire? Running cheap cat5 along the rafters of a greenhouse? Daisy chaining multiple wireless points is never likely to be bullet proof; however, if heat is a manageable issue, some older/cheap ddwrt routers set as repeaters along the way may be able to do...
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    Amazon Acquires MGM Film Studios for $8.45 Billion

    Probably already said, but I am glad it wasn't Disney. It was slowly becoming a monopoly on film/tv entertainment.
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    How do I stop my Mom from using her 120 GB SSD for pictures too instead of just Windows and Applications?

    The primary reason to keep them separate is if there is any issue with the OS, hardware, malware, viruses, etc ... it is increasingly difficult to save/recover. you can asign a different drive to user folders, but if it doesn’t have a slot, you can look into one of the mini flash drives...
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    HP 14 inch Laptop 4300M, 8GB RAM, 250GB SSD

    I could be starting at it, but model number? Is the battery any good?
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    FS: Water cooled gaming rig part out

    I'll take it. Haha PM on the way
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    I think my motherboard is toast

    I had to rma a board with MSI a few years ago and it was a positive experience. I would agree with the above. Bench test to be sure, but it's coming out anyway at this point. The rma I did was on a used board, that I openly admitted to bending a pin on. I paid $10 to ship it out, and they...
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    Ti 4600. I was somewhere between 16 and 18 and have not since bought a video card new. Not that I regret that purchase, but life...maybe one day, but I’ll always have fond memories of being top dog on graphics at UT lan parties. I was a terrible player so I had to have some reason to feel...
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    How to handle this situation....

    If he re pasted it before there were major issues than he modified the product and you can more than defend that to Paypal. If there were voiced concerns, and the re paste was a decision made to resolve whatever his issues are probably better off doing the return to whatever terms...
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    I have an oem (ncr) matx Skylake i3 cpu/board you can have. I'm not positive on ram though so up to you if it's something you are up for.