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    Penryn Compatible Motherboards? Gigabyte's 45nm support list.
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    Penryn Compatible Motherboards?

    Will all 775 socket mobo's with support for 1333fsb work with Penryn? If not, which one's will? Thanks.
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    Fly to certain locations around the US for $10

    I found $10 one-ways from Milwaukee to Columbus on December 5th, 18th, and 19th.
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    Orange Box PC 39.99 (No Tax, Free Shipping) @ Amazon

    bump for a good deal
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    Penryn prices by HKEPC

    Time to upgrade my Athlon XP 3200+, GeForce mx440, and 1gb ddr. :eek:
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    Antec Nine Hundred $80 AR

    That's when I got mine that was a great deal. :D
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    Antec Nine Hundred $80 AR

    I nicknamed mine 'T-Rex', because it reminds me of one for some reason...
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    Hot? BFG 6600GT for $50 after MIR
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    What would be a good card for me?

    I'm looking for a decent AGP card somewhere around ~$50. I don't need it to play Oblivion with maximized settings @ 60 FPS, but being able to run Oblivion, or use Aero effects, or even allow me to run Halo 2 would be a big improvement over my MX440. Thanks.
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    Hot? AGP x1650 Pro $60 shipped after MIR

    I was having trouble deciphering that one as well... Perhaps he thought I was dumb for saying $60 shipped even though it is $60 + shipping? If that's the case, at the time of posting it was $54.99 + shipping.
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    Hot? AGP x1650 Pro $60 shipped after MIR
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    Root Beer Float

    There's like 5 within a few miles of my house... What diet do you reccomend? ;)
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    10 invites to hdbits

    I guess I'll just get in line... theunashamed @ 15/2 MBps connection.
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    Intel Price Cut Again ?

    Some time around the first week in June, Intel will be putting out some sub $100 pentium e2xxx's that are core 2 based with 8x and 9x multis and 1mb cache and run stock 200Mhz FSB. They have already been found/OC'ed to 400Mhz FSB by some people.
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    One Free Joost Invite

    Thanks. :)