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    DIY Cintiq clone for $250ish?

    Perhaps stripping an LCD was intimidating for them? In the DIY projector hobby, they ended up going to expensive custom controller boards & 15.6" laptop screens in order to get 1080p. Now that the product niche has been established, there are several controllers commercially available. I...
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    “Eyeborg” Replaces Eye with Functioning Wireless Video Camera

    Even if they are just nonfunctional props in terms of health
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    “Eyeborg” Replaces Eye with Functioning Wireless Video Camera

    I gotta say, designing bionic attachments for the disabled is the coolest use of a computer game PR budget I've ever seen.
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    DIY Cintiq clone for $250ish?

    It would appear there's already an entire forum devoted to this activity.
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    Photoshop Workstation

    I've been tossing around this idea for a while, but this made me post it.
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    DIY Cintiq clone for $250ish?

    I was recently alerted to the high-end features and low price of the pen tablets available at Monoprice - a graphics tablet was something I'd always figured was too expensive for me, but I just picked up a small one with an order of cables. While reading about it, I discovered two things: *$80...
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    Newspaper Must Identify Anonymous Posters to Website

    Could we cease equating our knowledge of the law (yes, many things on the internet are currently illegal) with justice, and have a debate about whether libel/slander laws *should* apply to non-commercial speech on the internet? It seems to me that we've gotten by just fine without them, by...
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    MLAA is a game changer.

    Okay, so we've established that screenshots show a beneficial effect. Applying a 'blur' filter to every frame is actually an improvement considering the limited resolution and texture quality that's often used. Color me impressed. My question is whether the alleged horrible input lag makes it...
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    The over-60Hz LCD thread

    Evidently, those of you who weren't around when LCDs started to replace CRTs didn't get this lecture a few dozen times. CRTs and LCDs render an image very differently. On a CRT the pixel is painted and immediately begins to fade, until it is painted again at the next level of brightness. On...
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    Western Digital Elements 120GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive ($25 f/s newegg)

    Many external 2.5" drives will either always or will eventually require a double cable because they need 1000ma rather than 500ma, and don't expect to use them at all from unpowered hubs.
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    ATI Catalyst 10.8B Hotfix

    10.N hotfix = 10.(N+1) beta Usually, however, there's very little difference between the beta and the actual next release - it's just 3-4 weeks of WHQL testing with no changes.
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    Driving a Message Home with an Optical Illusion

    This does appear to be a $15,000 chalk drawing. Its "3-D-ness" comes from simple nonlinear perspective.
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    Dubai Police Chief Calls BlackBerry a Spy Tool

    Dubai, the city, has pitched itself to the world as an island of Western tolerance, laws and economic development in the Arab world. That this tradition has been built from scratch in the last 20 years does show - the relationship with migrant workers, the dual set of laws for natives and...
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    ATI Drivers really that bad?

    Check the latest 10.7a drivers, which are reported to improve things. Someone's got to have a quadfire setup and enough time to run serious benchmarks... unless gaming sites really do only post when coming out of NDA.
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    ATI Drivers really that bad?

    Crossfire has a few problems. Active DP->HDMI cables are rarely problem-free. Eyefinity in general has a lot of problems. Crossfire+Eyefinity have severe problems most of the time. OTOH... Nvidia doesn't have or appear to have plans for a hardware Eyefinity feature - their stuff only works in...