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    BATTLEFIELD 1 Revolution $9.99 @ Origin

    As a casual gamer who already has BF1 but rarely plays, is it worth purchasing the Premium Pass for $7.49? Do most other online players have the DLC?
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    It Looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Will Have a Headphone Jack

    This may be my next phone, if for no other reason than Apple's insistence on only allowing Apple Maps through Apple CarPlay. A 3.5mm headphone jack is icing on the cake.
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    DAN C4-SFX: The smallest water cooling case in the world

    What about leaving the IO on top but having them behind a small door, e.g. like on the top of some Lian Li cases: This would allow for the cleanest aesthetic IMO and keep the ports free of dust.
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    2017 WCG X-mas Race

    What was throwing me off was that my user stats showed points/work accumulated, but when I checked my name under the team page, it showed nothing. Since the team stats update less often than the user stats, there was a discrepancy between the two, and I was worried my points were not being...
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    2017 WCG X-mas Race

    My apartment was chilly last night so I make an account for WCG and started running BOINC. I’m signed up for Team HardOCP ([H]sonyman) and see points getting assigned to me but nothing when I check my name under the team heading. Is this normal? Does it take time for points to be assigned to the...
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    LGA 2066 cpu coolers?

    There are plenty of cases with full 5.25" or slim drive bays which have both a radiator mount and a sleek aesthetic, although my own personal experience is rather limited. The case you linked is rather nice looking, supports a 360mm radiator, and is inexpensive, but I'd consider other options if...
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    LGA 2066 cpu coolers?

    That or a similar AIO might be a good option for you as long as you have a case with the proper mounting location for the radiator. If you're traveling with your desktop, something like the NH-D15 I mentioned above might not be best since Noctua advises removing the heatsink during transport due...
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    LGA 2066 cpu coolers?

    Personally, I'm a big Noctua fan. If you're not looking for a significant (or any) overclock, and custom water-cooling is not in the picture, the Noctua NH-D15 (and its predecessor, the NH-D14, which I personally use) is an excellent albeit pricey option, coming in at near $100. You'd be...
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    B250M PRO-VDH M.2 SSD compatibility

    Almost, but not quite. That motherboard's specs indicate it supports M.2 lengths 2242, 2260, 2280, so you can use either a SATA or NVME (PCI-E) M.2 drive which is M keyed and is one of those lengths. I stumbled across this page when looking for more information which appears to be a good...
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    LGA 2066 cpu coolers?

    The heatsink mount is physically compatible with coolers designed for LGA 2011. However, it's still a good idea to verify compatibility with your motherboard e.g. in terms of PCI-e slot clearance and with the TDP of the processor since for some models it's higher than it was for LGA 2011.
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    So if mining is gentle on GPU cards why all the massive cooling

    Yes, you are correct, and it additionally appears that the effect may be noticeable. For example: However, with a sufficiently high power limit, even accounting for the reduction in leakage, the card may still end up...
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    So if mining is gentle on GPU cards why all the massive cooling

    How so? If the card's performance is being limited by reaching the thermal target, but it's not yet reached its power target, better cooling will provide more headroom and allow it to draw even more power while simultaneously increasing performance. If, on the other hand, the card is limited by...
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    Hot: True Sine Wave UPS - CP1500PFCLCD $120

    Awesome! I was looking at this model just this weekend but was hoping it would go on sale this week since it had been on sale in the past. Just pulled the trigger. Thanks OP!
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    Is there a best 1080ti card? not fastest but most reliable

    The reference cooler is never a bad option and is the one best suited for the largest possible configuration space due to the inherent trade-offs of a blower. I'm not a fan of EVGA's own air coolers (although I've never owned a card so-equipped) but their warranty service is top-notch, speaking...
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    New 1080 Ti Rumor

    My guess is that Nvidia is waiting for AMD to reveal their cards before launching the 1080 Ti.