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    National Clean Our Your Computer Day

    Oh noes! I did it a day early (not even knowing today was the day) Plus, I have too much to do after work today and won't be able to clean anything anyway.
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    ... quite possibly mad.

    ... quite possibly mad.
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    Activision Announces Call of Duty: WWII

    Wait... The original Call of Duty WAS a WWII game. Came out to compete with BF1942. So, Full circle it is just like NeoNemesis said... <sigh>
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    Enjoying life the best I can.

    Enjoying life the best I can.
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    Vote For The Steam Awards Winners

    Read through the nominees. Haven't played all the games, but know enough that I'm finding it hard to disagree with any of them. Will be interesting to see how thing roll out in the end. Given the number of games on Steam, pretty cool idea - let those that play the games have a say in what...
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    “Star In A Jar” Fusion Reactor Works And Promises Infinite Energy

    "Waste" product is Helium. Not a bad deal as Helium is getting scarce (or is very controlled).
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    Technology Gone Wrong Kickstarter of the Day

    I am not sure I could have said it better than this.
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    Grand Theft Auto VI To Be Revealed Sept. 7, Eva Mendez To Voice Protagonist?

    But... OTHER GAMES. And work. And life. And buying a house and doing some remodel work. And OTHER GAMES :D
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    Grand Theft Auto VI To Be Revealed Sept. 7, Eva Mendez To Voice Protagonist?

    I haven't even "finished" GTA V yet... <sigh>
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    Obduction - New game from Cyan Worlds, creator of Myst

    Former co-worker is one of the artists for this game. He did the concept art they used on the kickstarter, then taught himself 3D skills so after all the 2D stuff was done, he continued on with the game. The good reviews have blown them away -- they put 100% of the budget into making the game...
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    Apple's Siri Being Changed Because Of Barbra Streisand

    Ego Much? Like us regular people could just call Apple's CEO and inform them of something that needs corrected in SIRI. <sigh>
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    Netflix Blames Press, Not Hikes, For Lower Subscribers

    It wasn't a "price hike" it was a slight increase. When the term Price Hike is used in headlines, articles, and everywhere, people are going to freak out. I am paying $2 more a month than I was (my increase hit this month). Two. Dollars. That's it. Same people that bitch about Netflix HD...
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    Air Force Maglev Sled Breaks Record At 633mph

    Most excellent acceleration there....
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    App That Redraws Any Picture Using Only Straight Lines

    ... Thanks Steve... just burned up some time...