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    (RUMOR) Konami is set to revive Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill

    Konami went mobile and then went to pachinko games which are massive money makers in Japan and other parts of Asia. Not all of this is primarily their fault. A lot of their franchises that kept them afloat (Castlevania, Contra, Gradius) just didn't translate to 3D well. And there was a long...
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    Analogue Pocket

    Buttons feel like 8bitdos a bit.
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    Total War Warhammer 3

    If you want the extra races it's good, if you don't care it's more of the same.
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    Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Kick Starter.

    The team they have is good so probably.
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    Myth Force

    I like the art style on this.
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    Nightingale ex: Bioware devs

    Yeah the style looks really great. I don't like to crap on things before they are out, just cross your fingers and hope for the best!
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    Doom Eternal

    The skin is bright neon green as a homage to the original Doom/Doom2 The only one that looks glowing green is the old school Doomguy, this is intentional. They really did it well and it runs well. But then again Doom 2016/Doom Eternal always ran extremely well on all sorts of hardware for...
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    Why don't people call for Microsoft to get out of hardware?

    I meant multi plaform but typo'd it !
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    Nightingale ex: Bioware devs

    It looks interesting to me. I won't preorder it, but I'll wait and see and if it works out I'll pick it up.
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    Why don't people call for Microsoft to get out of hardware?

    People rage on Nintendo because they want the company to commit suicide so they can get their titles on PC. Which won't happen because Nintendo isn't utterly fucking stupid and only someone who's brain dead would actually do what is being demanded. Since most of what MS has comes out on all...
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    Actraiser Renaissance

    I'm enjoying ActRaiser, it's changed a bit but it' s a fun romp.
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    Marvel's Wolverine (Insomniac Games)

    Bring back Wolverine!
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    Did Nintendo leave the traditional console market?

    The deal with handhelds is pretty easy to understand and breaks down a few ways. First in Japan with the long hours away from work and train trips handhelds are a better option. This repeats in other parts of Asia as well. Next it's much easier to sell a unit at a profit. Then it's really...
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    Did Nintendo leave the traditional console market?

    The GameCube was still quirky, and not just the controller compared to the competition at the time. The N64 was also quirky, and not just the controller. The NES lacked compared to the master system in some ways and the TG-16 got out the door in that era as well. The SNES was better than...
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    Gift ideas for wife Gameboy/Gameboy Advance

    Garbage disposal! That's rough! I took out our aloe plant. FFVII and FFIX seems to me you have a PS1 if you want a great "play with woman" type thing for this that just screams class and since she liked FFTA the Lunars are great games and real collectors items. Won't come cheap but if you...