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    Is there a good strategy to getting a 6700xt?

    Sapphire 6700XT at MC Madison Heights Mi, for only $749! Even they are marking these up. Sad times. "I remember when mid range cards were $250-350". Chip shortage lasting into next year, yeah this is going to be rough on our hobby. :(
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    GPU Prices dropping?

    Let me get this straight. World wide chip shortage, Nvidia can't keep up with the most demand on its current 3000 series it has ever seen in GPU history. Normally releases a new Series 18-24 months later but some one you think they are going to release a 4000 series this year? After only 12...
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    Battlefield 2042

    BF4 was a turd when it launched. People forgot it took almost a year of patching to get right. I came back when they did all the patching and it was a lot more fun. Didn't realize BC2 was for the consoles, just loved the story and most fun I had gameplay wise other than the original 1942...
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    Loved Witcher books and Netflix show. Witcher 3 game, not so much. Sounds like it isn't your game. Which it is or it isn't. I got bored with it myself and moved on. You sound like you're in the same boat.
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    Taiwan drought could drastically cutback TSMC production

    Arizona has been trying to get a pipeline to the Great Lakes for years. After living there, this is a dumb thing to do. First, more Cali expats moved there and planted lawns instead of the...
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    Love Lace no time soon That's with in 2 months of launch! That was not including the whole tally of gamers that were able to get the cards. That's the highest demand yet, stripping supply hard. No one could keep up with that kind...
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    Sum Ting Wong
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    Yeah blown away by Madison Heights having everyone of them in stock. Also, limited stock, but there, on Gigabyte 3070s. This MC has been getting regular drops of 6800XT's to boot. Can't believe the amount of 5000 series that dropped though. So tempting. I am going to end up biting on my...
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    Why did SLI and CrossFire die off?

    All these long winded comments of why. Developers are lazy period. We have 6+ cpu cores that don't get fully utilized in any game. Even games like Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator which would benefit from all that extra CPU power are underutilized, lazy programming. Consoles just make it even...
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    Ryzen 5 5600X At Microcenter $299

    Yes they are actually in stock and MC here in Madison Heights Mi, does a very good job on stock reporting. I check the other day when Red Devil 6800, Reference 6800XT and 6900XT dropped. 2 hours later gone. Same with the rather large drop of 3080's they had. It was I think like 10 or...
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    AMD is Allegedly Preparing Navi 31 GPU with Dual 80 CU Chiplet Design

    If this were true, then AMD wouldn't be breaking Revenue records. And it's not just consoles. Like Nvidia, everything they make is sold. You think they are going to supply joe schmo over Origin, Dell, and other major PC builder companies? Besides, 6800 are available at Microcenter daily now...
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    Do I hate Epic LESS then Origin?!?

    My 3900X would go from 35C idle to 55C soon as I launched it. Waited till I read here about a fix before I launched it again. That was a strange one indeed.
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    THG: Nvidia Mulls Restarting Cryptomining GPU Production

    God I am really starting to hate them at Nvidia. "No, we have no mining demand to know of!"