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    e4500 -> e8400. worth it?

    Core2Quads can still keep up when OC'd. That's a far better choice than upgrading the whole system. You can get a Q6600 for as low as $60 these days
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    Custom 7950s on the way: Specs and pr0n inside

    hmm.. i had really hoped it would be a bit cheaper, around $400 at least. can't really cough more than that
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    7950, Are You Waiting?

    Can't afford the 7970, so...
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    Phenom II X4 960T vs i3 2100

    passmark is not an accurate benchmarking tool. they mix results from all kinds of hardware setups with all kinds of bottlenecks in their final results an i3 2100 beats even an X4 OC'd to 980's speeds, and you have an upgrade path that is actually good. they run cooler and quieter aswell.
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    KingFast & KingSpec 8-16GB SSD

    I live in Sweden, and I'm not touching PayPal with a mile long stick.
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    KingFast & KingSpec 8-16GB SSD

    Does anyone have any experience with these? They're cheap chinese SSDs. Mostly worried about reliability. I'm interested in getting two for my home servers as they don't need any bigger boot drive, and the usual brands are at least twice as expensive, and only offer down to 32GB, which is...
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    Building a Fanless/No Moving Parts PC?

    stock paste vs AS5 or Ceramiq is less than 3C
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    Why did you buy Bulldozer?

    Untrue. If you'd bought a socket 1155 back when it came, you would have had the same upgrade options as AMD has now (Ivy Bridge). And the only thing Bulldozer wins at (and this is the 81x0 only) is video encoding and file compression. Even a stock i3 2100 beats it in a majority of games.
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    Project: Aerodyne

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    AMD Bulldozer / FX-8150 Desktop Performance Review @ [H]ardOCP

    why has the review been removed?!
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    Why an expensive MoBo?

    cheap motherboards also tend to use cheaper/lower quality capacitors and other parts. the sweet spot seem to be ~$80-150 IMO
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    Apple G5 modded with a twist

    I agree that that cable really puts down the total look of the build.
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    What CPU speed is needed to run BF3?

    There are other than that one, it was just the first link on my search. here's another there are several options at half the price that performs within 5 degrees.
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    What CPU speed is needed to run BF3?

    You can overclock pretty much any system, but that also means you have to OC everything from the motherboard to the RAM. Only a CPU with unlocked multiplier can be overclocked without having to OC the rest of the system. Also, the Intel chipset Hxx (H61/H67) motherboards does not allow...
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    home storage server - which HDDs?

    Yes I do. The reason for Raid0 if I get less than 3 drives, and so I can have a single partition. I also said that the data is not that important to me.