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    Your CPU progression

    wow NattyKathy you had a bunch. I might've forgotten 1 or 2. 2.4 ghz p4 3.06ghz 333FSB p4 E8400 wolfdale E0 (1 of the premier gaming dual cores for a few years) i5-3550 (long live ivy bridge, lol) - z77 not really having nvme and certain other features is a big part of why I'll be upgrading...
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    12600k 12700k already getting big price cuts.

    Amazon is higher of course, but the KF 12600 @ 281 is pretty decent. It's the Z690 mobos that are spendy right now. --Edit: 267 if we factor in that 5% back later :)
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    Desktop GPU Shipments Down 16% Year on Year

    We should sell our 970's while they're still worth a decent amount. If the value goes too low, I'll just give a GPU to a relative, which would be a bit of a waste if they don't game. oh well. It stinks that we have to spend about $200 to get a card that uses less power but no better performance...
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    Apple Revitalizes the iPad Lineup and Announces New Mac Mini and MacBook Air

    Oh, you iphone can play Crysis? (y):woot: The only recent thing I've seen from Apple that's a decent value is the $300 or less "2018" Ipad.
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    Samsung Starts Mass Production of Industry’s First 4-Bit Consumer SSD

    HEck yeah. I'm waiting for $100 1TB SSD's because that's the size I've been used to. I did snag a 1TB MX500 for $165 on prime day. :)
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    Samsung Note 9 - expected pricing is utterly ludicrous

    These boneheads don't realize that if phone financing is like cars then the $1000 phone is gonna be more like $1200 or so over time. I'd rather buy a brand new modern phone for $150-250 once every couple years. I don't even do that. I get a $100-150 Samsung that uses the Tracfone service & spend...
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    More NVIDIA 1180 GPU Rumors

    I'm thinking about selling my Dual fan 970 while it can still fetch $150+. What say you? Putting in another $150-200 for a 1070/Ti would be nice. Bought it a year or so ago for $165. Not gaming alot right now so I could sell & go without a GPU for a while to wait for a good price.
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    used EVGA GTX 1070 Ti @ $375

    Hmm. My GTX 970 was $160 from ebay a year or so ago. I bet I could sell it for more than that now. :rolleyes::ROFLMAO: Sell my 970 & put $200 towards a 1070 TI? decisions, decisions.
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    Official Prime Day Thread

    Good to know. I'm used to 1TB HDD's. Update: I bought 2 of the 250GB MX500's at $50 & $55 for relatives, and the 1TB for $165 since it's almost exactly 1/2 the price of the 2TB sale price. I don't need more than 1TB right now to spend an extra $85+.
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    Official Prime Day Thread

    I bought the $25 gift card for $5 credit to account. Also purchased the $55 + tax 250GB MX500. Somebody will enjoy it. The 2TB is a great price @ $319+tax but I don't feel like spending that much. Probably will be rare when 2TB ssd's are under $300 or 1TB for under $180.
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    EVGA 450W & 500W BR 80+ Bronze power supplies, $20 and $30 shipped

    Yep, still great price. :D
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    EVGA 450W & 500W BR 80+ Bronze power supplies, $20 and $30 shipped

    I bought 2 as well. $41 with tax to Cali. Coupon only took $2 off. o_O
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    Official Prime Day Thread

    Darn it. $185 ain't bad but $155 or $140 would be awesome. I would've bought 2. That 2TB MX500 is about $180 cheaper than the Samsung or $130 under the Sandisk. :jawdrop::wideyed: $55 at checkout for the 250GB MX500 if...
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    Samsung Starts Mass Production of 5th Generation V-NAND

    It will be good when a 1TB SSD is under $170 commonly.
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    Rumor: Sony Could Be Considering a PlayStation Classic

    I still have a working PS1 & PS2 :eek:;):geek: