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    "nVidia finally responds to 4090 cables melting..."

    I had a 2080TI die space invaders style. I got it replaced under warranty. nvidia warranty has been good about things. PR is not driving replacement for nvidia, simple economics is. Companies like GM Ford etc do this math all the time. You look at the cost of lawsuits, recalls, and the failure...
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    One Weird Trick Relaunching RTX 4080 12GB as 4070 Ti

    So funny thing in Canada... you can actually put in a deposit at some retailers for msrp and they will notify you when your order arrives. 4080's are in stock for most models. We couldn't get a PS5 if our lives depended on it, nor would gamestop allow a deposit for one.
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    Anyone “upgraded” from 5900X to 5800X3D for gaming?

    I settled on -0.05 offset and under gaming, temps are 72C. It's just a few degrees warmer than my 5900x was, but seeing consistent 140-150fps in darktide is worth it. V seems to have settled down too, under load it's just asking for 1.07-1.08v. I actually got it working with a -0.25v offset, but...
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    Darktide: Vermintide (same team) but in 40K IG vs Chaos Cultists

    It's dark, but it has improved a good chunk since the early open beta. Visibility is improved to a point where I don't feel the darkness is a problem to me anymore. There ARE dark missions where the power is out, and you have visibility of like 5ft. It has a modifier so you can actively avoid...
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    Q3 2022 Discrete GPU market share. AMD losing market share in Q3 2022

    I own a 6700XT from last gen and it's plugged into my HTPC. The driver issue is real. When nvidia does a driver update via windows, my only clue is when I encounter maybe a one off bug in a particular game. I let my htpc do auto updates as it's not my main rig. When AMD does a driver update, I...
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    Scratched my motherboard with screwdriver. Am I in trouble?

    I screwed a screw THROUGH a trace on an old heatsink design back in 2002 on a service call. It cost me out of pocket to replace the motherboard. I felt way worse from screwing up than taking the $ hit on the job.
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    RTX 2080 Super vs. 3060Ti (OEM)

    I'd go with 3060ti over 2080 super. If your target is 4k 120fps, it's not going to cut it for a lot of modern games, 4k 60fps is so so. My concern about the "60fps" avg of a 3060ti, is the 1% dips into the 30fps range. Take a game like elden ring where a well timed roll, parry requires frame...
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    Updgrading - RTX 4080 or OLED display?

    It depends on the games the op really plays, if they are GPU bound or CPU bound. He'll need to look up the ones he cares about and determine if his setup does his target FPS at 4k at his desired settings. While he may be "fine" pairing a 4080 with an 8700k, it's also saying you'd be fine on...
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    Anyone “upgraded” from 5900X to 5800X3D for gaming?

    I'm running a corsair AIO 280. Idle temps around 47-48C, in gaming I've seen it touch 80C, but on average it's hovering around 72-74C. I was able to get the temp down while maintaining 4350-4450mhz avg by just running a voltage offset -0.06V Under load, I see it hover around 1.19-1.23V vs...
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    Anyone “upgraded” from 5900X to 5800X3D for gaming?

    Update on 5800x3d. CPU runs hot, on the plus side, darktide got a significant fps boost.
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    Updgrading - RTX 4080 or OLED display?

    There are games showing a 3090 gaining performance with an upgrade from 5900x to 7900x, let alone a 13900K. Considering the 8600k, it will be bottlenecking even a 3080ti, especially when you try running 4k.
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    Updgrading - RTX 4080 or OLED display?

    4080 is a waste with that CPU, new monitor at 4k will be starved to hit 60fps with that PC. Upgrade to better CPU/mobo, pick up a cheap used 3080ti/3090 (or wait on 7900xt card)
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    Darktide: Vermintide (same team) but in 40K IG vs Chaos Cultists

    I've been playing the recent beta and the last beta. First on a 3090, then 4090. The 3090 performance was 80-120 with no ray tracing. With gsync on, it was a very good experience. The 4090 with DLSS3 lets me play full ray tracing and with 1% lows of 100 fps. If you're going to have dynamic...
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    4090 owners, how are you dealing with the power connector fiasco?

    As much as we say qc is bad, the failure rate is incredibly low and the evidence is geared more towards user error. All processes have a failure rate, just sucks for the people on that side of the coin.
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    Darktide: Vermintide (same team) but in 40K IG vs Chaos Cultists

    The highest settings IS the highest settings after all. Looking at cyberpunk, full RT on with those same specs will barely similar as well. Do you NEED highest settings to enjoy? A 3090 with low RT settings and DLSS will net around 80fps, which is pretty decent. I have a friend running a i7700...