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    AMD Pin Repair (3600x)

    I've done this once as a quick fix for a bud too, eventually I went back and used some conductive glue to put the guy's mind at ease and it worked great. I normally wouldn't recommend it over soldering, but in situations where you can't get an iron in there without the risk of more damage it...
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    New 5900X rig suddenly running sluggish (need help identifying & solving)

    Just a heads up for OP I use the same motherboard, but I've been out of the loop on bios updates for this board for several months ("if it ain't broke, don't fix it"), so this information may be outdated. At the time I was configuring (overclocking and stability tweaking) this motherboard it...
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    5950x Sudden WHEA errors and reboots when starting games

    Yeah, this is normally caused by Curve Optimizer having too strong of an offset, but CO can display other rare oddities too. In my case CO would only cause 1 core to crash on rare occasion in near idle instances, but even setting up that specific core with no curve or even a positive one would...
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    1.5V is the hard cap for Zen 3 - The Stilt / 1.55V is the cap for Zen 3 - AMD

    Possible margin of error in reporting? Though 0.031 does seem high for deviance; if programs report higher than a physical probe, that's what I'd usually suspect. May be the materials' thermal properties have a larger variance in resistance than expected and it's somehow effecting the way it's...
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    New PSU suggestion

    Recent beQuiet! models in the Straight Power 11 and Dark Power 12 series have had good trusted reviews, and they may have better availability in your location as well. Just make sure to cross reference reviews for the specific model you're looking at before purchase.
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    5900x microstuttering, stuttering, slowing down windows

    If resizable BAR is enabled, try disabling it (it puts more strain on the CPU, which could reduce performance on 1080p or CPU intensive games). Also try running PCI 3.0 instead of 4.0. Don't use AMD optimized Windows Power Plan profiles, those were designed for Ryzen 1/2. The default Balanced...
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    I need to build a 5600x system, MB & Ram advice

    Games don't scale linearly with core count and don't see any benefit past a certain point, dependent on game engine/+modifications. The last I heard for more current games was up to around 10 worker threads in some titles with a few outliers that could use more, so we're still a way off from...
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    I need to build a 5600x system, MB & Ram advice

    More cores [than the 5600x's 6] won't help in games currently unless they're also streaming; the native +100MHz boost the 5800x gets over the 5600x is the only direct upgrade I can see here. Running 1080p with a 1080Ti on an e-sport title isn't going to see many gains with a GPU upgrade outside...
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    What Ryzen CPUs can this cool sufficiently?

    Marketing basically. Both Intel and AMD do it and to a degree the chips support it when they're running "as advertised", however they no longer run "as advertised" out-of-the-box in many instances due to newer boost algorithms that allow free boosting (all-core up to rated max boost, if...
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    5800X constant WHEA errors/blusescreen only in games

    More or less the same here; only overclocked RAM to have a bit of fun, turned on PBO and found good limits for S&G, and now it's happy where it's at. More than anything, tweaking settings is more about attaining assured stability now since overclocking doesn't have much headroom; we're out of...
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    5800X constant WHEA errors/blusescreen only in games

    Something is definitely off if there's a temperature difference to that degree with no other changes. Did crashes with the BIOS update happen shortly after boot, after being idle for some time, or after having run programs for at least an hour? When you upgraded previously; Did you have to...
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    5800X constant WHEA errors/blusescreen only in games

    I'm not so sure about setting them to defaults; while the vDIMM may be undervolted on auto in most cases the default rated setting may be borderline too; otherwise, [CLDO] VDDP/IOD/CCD are often auto set too high for stock settings. Could try out 0.9v VDDP, 0.94/0.98v IOD, 0.9v CCD, may be try...
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    Win 11 L3 AIDA64

    I've been going over current Win 11 patch results (3rd party, not my own); a lot of people are claiming L3 cache is fixed, but it's clear that latency is still off (avg seems to be 1ns delay in Aida64).
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    Windows 11 and Maximum CPU Frequency

    I've read some interesting reports on the CPPC <> Win 11 scheduler interaction/issue; apparently Win 11 does recognize the CPPC tags, but it'll intentionally throttle the cores [in use???] before/until a [heavier?] load is applied. The L3 cache behavioral findings are equally odd, it seems like...
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Can I claim a favorite AiB instead? I've always been a fan of Sapphire due to build quality and customer support; they've been close to bar-none for the past couple decades I've been building.