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    Replacing the back glass on an iPhone 8+ costs $99. WITH AppleCare+.

    That's chump change compared to what Samsung charges for a single glass replacement and keep in mind Applecare + still covers two accidental drops. Here is a quote from a S8 user that just got quoted for a single glass replacement and here is another Enjoy the read Also keep in mind ...
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    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition

    I just started playing this against my niece and nephews and I'm getting owned pretty hard. Does it matter what kart / tire / character you choose ?
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    Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 replacement

    It will eventually my old Deathadder's scroll weheel was made of the same material. It will discolor over time
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    I'm looking for a small fingertip mouse.

    What broke on the Steelseries? and which Rival mouse did you have?
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    Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 replacement

    I'm considering this mouse as well it has the same width as a MX518. Although, I wish the scroll well wasn't white/ transparent . They tend to discolor over time.
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    Dirty Rooms? Dyson V6 SV09 Absolute Cordless Vaccum $210 Shipped

    Considering, you can't buy replacement batteries when they go bad This is not a good deal, unless you are familiar with balancing your own LIPO packs. Might as well get the Hoover Air and be done with it
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    FireTV/Yamaha RX-V573 Issues

    I've had this problem on my Apple TV a couple years ago. IIIRC, I manually set the HDMI mode from auto to RGB on the receiver and on the Apple TV. . The problem is that most receivers default to YCbCr. AFAIK. The Fire TV and all Android boxes only accept RGB. Once everything is working again you...
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    Android to iOS

    Did IOS4 really brick your phone or what? It seems you're not telling the whole truth here. As far as I can tell, you wanted to downgrade back to to IOS3 by using unsigned firmware, but couldn't complete the process. So you apparently went to the Apple store with a bricked Iphone 4 stating that...
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    Stupid Apple, can't you implement this simple but great idea?

    Night shift isn't the greyscale setting in ios.
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    Android to iOS

    Keep in mind at least you can walk into a store. Try being without a phone for a month , because Motorolla won't ship you a refurb phone till they receive the broken one
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    Android to iOS

    it's actually worse now since Lenovo owns them. Apple support is based in the US. Motorola isnt
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    Microcenter Memory/CPU/Mobo bundles

    Yes, they can be stacked, but you are aware these discounts are for in store purchase only
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    What's the first video game you ever played?

    I'm pretty sure it was Tempest
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    Hey man, where have you been? Do you still need a job?

    Hey man, where have you been? Do you still need a job?
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    What is everyone playing now?

    Overwatch and Quake Live. I was playing Evolve Stage 2 for a bit, but the hacks and lack of a reporting feature was just too much.