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    Commercial Tubing that Doesn't Leach Plasticizer?

    Something that won't leach substances? Let me introduce you to the last flexible tubing you'll ever need: US Plastics Tygon A-60-G This tubing is made out of norprene. There is no plasticizer, and it is properly to ID/OD spec, unlike some water-cooling "zero maintenance" tubings like what EK...
  2. S - Newegg's new GPU-only site

    Oh I don't disagree. I am sort of blaming that whole chain starting with Nvidia and AMD. Greedy, greedy, greedy.
  3. S - Newegg's new GPU-only site

    To be fair to Steve, I have never heard anyone call 1440p, 2k. But really, not much of a thing to harp about. All I'd harp on, is that fact that they, Newegg, got caught holding the bag on tons of unsold GPUs and really at this stage of the game, prices should still be better than they are...
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    3yrs later I still had plastic on my EVGA 2080Ti Black

    When I first installed my Dark Hero, I didn't realize there was plastic film on some of the heatsinks. ASUS had put them on well, only noticed when I scratched one and thought I had scratched the heatsink.
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    And clicked the tongs a few times.
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    Current state of drivers AMD/nVidia?

    Nvidia has historically had some pretty major driver problems, yet no one remembers them. Yet people remember driver problems they had in 2004 on Radeon. I agree with your conclusion. You can have problems with either. I was put off by AMD drivers with the RX 5000 cards, but that seems to not...
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    Cool, will play around with HWinfo then and see what I can work out.
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    Would that be in the Monitor section? They appear to be. Data is showing there. (RPMs for the pump, will have to doublecheck what the flow/temp sensor header shows there).
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    X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

    Hey all, HWInfo doesn't seem to be able to read the info from the flow sensor and pump headers on my Dark Hero. Any ideas? In fact throws errors and just won't read those sensors at all. I have an Aquacomputer Octo now and was hoping to use that data in Aquasuite to make some fan profiles.
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    What's your favorite GPU comparison website?

    TechPowerUp GPU database for raw comparisons of the specs between cards. Also good for PCB shots on many cards that they review, which I find helpful as a water-cooler.
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    JayzNoSense has become entirely too insufferable for me in recent years. These videos just keep confirming it. "Hey guys, please buy now, btw here are my affiliate links."
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    While I don't disagree that this will happen, its time that on point #3, consumers stop making this excuse for price jumps. What happened to gen on gen price point replacement. So what if it's 90% faster than last gen, that doesn't make it cost 90% more (or shouldn't) all else being equal. Of...
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    GTX 1630 to release in 2022. Seriously.

    That they are both anti-consumer? One could argue the AMD cards are worse for basically being repurposed laptop parts missing basic features yet costing what they do. So go AMD or Nvidia, no one wins in that card class. AMD is not your friend any more than Nvidia.
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    GTX 1630 to release in 2022. Seriously.

    RX 6400 and 6500 XT have entered the chat.
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    GTX 1630 to release in 2022. Seriously.

    You can literally go buy a 1650 Super right now for the same price as a 1630. Stupid card.