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    why do you overclock?

    haha that's instant classic
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    Pump broken?

    Mangy u were right, It had a ot of air, after priming numerous times again trying different angles and tilting the case it started working properly, thanks
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    Pump broken?

    The inlet has a back pressure it seems like, its not allowing the water to freely flow in like it should.
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    Pump broken?

    Yes Ive primed it numerous times, the res is directly above the pump too
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    Pump broken?

    I have a dd cpx pro pump and I just finished installing my wc setup. When I turn the pump on with the res completely full it makes a weird cycling noise and the inlet is barely pulling water from the reservoir and its going extremely slow, its more like a drip than anything, the tube is not...
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    problem with cd drives

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    hdd problem

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    help with javascript code.

    Ok this a simple form I'm trying to do. I can do everything correct but I just can't seem to get the "compute" to work. Or the background colors to change. If someone could just point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I've gone over it like 10 times and can't figure out the...
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    .htaccess question

    bump anyone? :/
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    Web suggestions/critiques

    looks good but when you click on your buttons for your links the "parts" button goes out of alignment. Other than that there's a huge difference between the two. Looks 10x better :)
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    So...What music do you guys (and gals) listen to while you program?

    One song in particular, It's called "matrix trance II" by The Cynic Project. Check it out, I don't really like trance but this song never gets old.
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    .htaccess question

    yeah it doesn't request auth at all. :////
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    .htaccess question

    Okay I'm simply just trying to make it so the when you log on to The first page you see is your "index.htm" file. I want to password protect that page and then when you put the username and password in it redirects you to "home2.htm" Here's the code I have for the .htaccess...
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    problem with cd drives

    bump...anyone >?:(