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    WTB - OFFICE Key

    Looking for a Legit Office Key PM please.
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    SOLD: Mini ITX Server - ASROCK 1150 / XEON E3 / ECC DDR3

    Thank you Vengance - life was getting in the way...LOL Tuna Thursday Bump. Dont forget to have the Thursday Tapioca for desert :)
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    SOLD: Mini ITX Server - ASROCK 1150 / XEON E3 / ECC DDR3

    Up for sale is my previous home server setup. Mobo/CPU/RAM : Great setup with good flexibility. Note this is a true 'server' mobo with a 1 or 2 advanced features like IPMI. Motherboard: ASROCK E3C226D21: BADAXX (fanatastic board, has IPMI - connect to your motherboard at its core level outside...
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    FS: Windows 7/8.1/10/Server 12/16 | Office 10/13/16 | Win 10 Pro: $8 | Office 2019 ProPlus

    Unreal seller ---> 2 keys blazing FAST. Have bought a few times over the years and will come back for more!
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    Upgrading My PLEX Server - advice needed

    Hi guys, thoughts needed please. PLEX headless server up grade. Current setup is MITX and would like to re-build into a mATX, etc. The MITX case is full and need to go bigger and room to grow with. Here are the items that I have: CPU – i7-8700 (already have this) PSU – already have a newer gen...
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    Fixing Unifi AP performance

    Thanks OP - Great Post. These noted adjustments made a huge difference on my network !
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    2 Asus Routers and Smart DNS Question

    I have an Asus 87AC and rt66 and have been using a smart DNS service for 4-5months without issues The asus RT66 is the main router with the DNS on it, and the asus 87 AC has been setup as an AP, getting an IP from the RT66 along with DNS. The smart DNS is for region unblocking from a 3rd party...
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    WTB - Xeon E3-V3 (4C, 4HT=8 threads)

    Bump - TTT
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    WTB - Xeon E3-V3 (4C, 4HT=8 threads)

    bump, TTT
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    WTB - Xeon E3-V3 (4C, 4HT=8 threads)

    Looking for a Xeon E3-V3, preferably a low power series chip, but open to what you have. EG (need 8 threads, so 4C, 4HT): E3-1265L V3 E3-124X V3 E3-127X V3 PM me thanks for looking :):);)
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    Backup Strategy - 16x4Tb - Areca 1882-24-4gb - Supermicro SC846 - Hackintosh

    What about amazon s3 cold storage. If OP doesnt need regular access - perhaps this may be an option for a true back up repository?
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    FS: SuperMicro X8SIL-F, LGA 1156, Intel Xeon L3426 and 6GB ECC RAM

    SOLD - please close