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    BFG 285GTX forth RMA

    I'm getting involved. Very sorry to hear this and wanted to let you know that this is not how our brand and customer service is positioned. Please PM me if you have any more detail or other issues with your experience. Thanks, Scott
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    UPS Driver Caught On Camera

    Steve, you don't realize how accurate this statement is sometimes - this video gives me the creeps :(
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    Full Specs On The World's Largest 1080p LED Screen

    yar! Maybe Reggie Robie
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    Full Specs On The World's Largest 1080p LED Screen

    Wait, how high up from the field is this thing? Will punts be able to hit it?
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    [H] Quad Displays

    I have the Dell 30" next to an Acer 19" at home - I can't live without the 30" now for either gaming or working. Can you imagine 4 30"s in your setup? that pic on the upper left monitor of the hummer entering the mud pit is sweet - how deep was it? Ikea huh? Who knew!
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    Terrible Problems With BFG From A UK Customer

    Proteus, BFG provides a "Lifetime Warranty" for the entire video card, including heat sinks and fans. Scott
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    BFG Messed up, EVGA saved the day

    Please accept our apologies for this poor service. This is not the type of service BFG is known for and is unacceptable. I would like to handle your case personally. Please PM me at your convenience. Thanks, Scott Herkelman EVP Marketing
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    What does BFG stand for?

    And the answer is *ding* Big F*cking Gun and Built For Gamers! :p
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    BFG Support Contradiction

    The product arrives to us from our manufacturing partner in a sealed static bag, we overclock it, test it and replace it back in the bag for packaging. That's why there are two stickers. Hope that helps, SH
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    BFG Support Contradiction

    I wish that was all I had to do ;)
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    BFG Support Contradiction

    J-Mag, On behalf of BFG I apologize for the inconvenience you've been put through, we pride ourselves on top-notch products and service. Please PM me with your contact information so that way I know you are personally taken care of with the above situation. Thanks, Scott
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    PCI-e vs AGP cards

    The main reason for the price difference between the 6600 GT PCI-E and AGP cards is the PCI-E to AGP bridge chip on the board. Anytime you introduce more chips on a card the price will increase, unfortunately. Expect to see this delta going forward on all products bridged back from PCI-E to...
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    BFG 6800 GT OC (Monitor has ghosting effect)

    Sodalas, Please contact our live 24/7 tech support at 1-866-234-3499, they should be able to help you trouble shoot any issues you may be having. Thanks, Scott
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    Anyone else get a BFG 6800 Ultra yesterday?

    Great feedback, we are changing that process as soon as possible, thank you for your support! Scott Herkelman EVP Marketing [BFG] AirWalker