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    The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    Ordered my copy, i'll be playing it once i beat Breath of the Wild.
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    Monster Hunter Rise - Switch Thread

    I have 31 hours in this game since buying it last Wednesday, it is a fucking fantastic game, been using dual blades, thinking of learning another weapon soon, for now, dual blades are just too fun.
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    Why does Doom Eternal suck?

    Oh no, game is mechanically intensive and requires more skill! That sucks!
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    Frank Azor, Alienware Co-Founder, Joins AMD as Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions

    I also know people who are perfectly capable of building their own rig but also wanted an Alienware laptop or slim laptop for their use.
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    Thank you.
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    Can those with the required number of posts request a new title since the last change removed a bunch of titles? Thanks in advance
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    Death Stranding launches November 8, 2019; confirmed as PS4 exclusive

    They gave him a blank check pretty much, just look at all the acting and voice talent he secured.
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    Death Stranding launches November 8, 2019; confirmed as PS4 exclusive

    I have no idea what this game is about but I am buying it Day One.
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    Texas expected to ban red light cameras

    I support banning red light cameras.
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    Days Gone - Out April 26th. Exclusive for PS4. 30 hours long. 6 hours of cutscenes.

    If reviews pan out for the game, I'll buy it. Been looking at this since it was announced, I like the idea and concept of it.
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    The best gaming mouse EVER is back

    I have owned 3 of them for a reason.
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    Stay [H]ard

    All right. Thank you.
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    Stay [H]ard

    I have a question. Why were titles changed to that one? Thanks in advance.
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    Steam summer sale countdown 2017

    Can't even put things in my cart.
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    E3 2017: Your impressions so far?

    I'm really disappointed there was no The Last of Us 2 news But yeah Anthem Metro Code Vein Days Gone possibly the new Assassin's Creed