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    Best Way to Move a Rack

    +1 for unloading the rack and moving components individually.
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    Time for a HW Upgrade, What are real world performance differences?

    Can confirm that vSphere 6.7 will run on it - have three in my lab. I think moving to SSD, etc. only makes sense if you try and get dense on the host(s), where IOPs factor more than throughput. If you're just running a handful of VMs it's probably not worth investing into that box. If you do...
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    MS SQL Server in VMware Cluster

    No longer the case. vSAN supports it natively as does FC storage for vmdk. See Vladan's post here: Shared VMDK requirements: A fiber channel array only. The array must support ATS, SCSI-3 PR–type Write Exclusive–All Registrant...
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    Alternatives to DFS for Server Duplication

    PeerGFS, formerly known as PeerSync, is a very robust solution that is worth considering. I have used it in the past to accomplish exactly what you are describing here:
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    Vcenter Server Appliance HTML5 interface

    vCenter 6.7 Update 1 brought full parity between flash and H5 clients - finally. :)
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    USB hubs in VMs

    For USB devices that you need to connect to VMs I highly recommend this solution: I get no compensation for this, just something I have used on several projects.
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    Domain time

    With VMware you also need to keep in mind that just un-checking the synchronization box in the GUI config will not completely disable all chances of a host time sync occurring. For instance, a time sync can still happen under the following circumstances: Resume a virtual machine from a...
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    VCP or other certification, how much help has it been?

    If anyone is looking for a cheaper alternative to the official VMware sessions, Mesa Community College in Arizona will be offering the following vSphere 6.7 distance learning classes: vSphere: Install, Configure and Manage (CIS197) - Fall 2018 vSphere: Optimize and Scale 6.5 (CIS198) - Spring...
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    The Disconnect Between Game Reviews And Gamers

    Why is it comedy gold? We all have different values and beliefs, so I guess I fail to find the humor in a site that provides not only good game reviews but also a moral perspective based on their beliefs as well.
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    GTX 980/970 and ESXI

    More info on vGPU, GRID, and Nvidia here:
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    Is Using ESXi Or Hyper-V For Virtualized Gaming Possible?

    For 3D gaming in VMware, you will need a card that supports GRID vGPU (Nvidia K-series) preferably along with Horizon or Citrix. It can be done, but it will not be cheap. More info here:
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    Log on to vSphere client with non-domain computer?

    There is no need for the computer you are running the client from to be domain joined - all you need is the proper credentials as configured either for your host (typically 'root') or vSphere SSO. In the case of vSphere, you can use the SSO domain (default is vsphere.local on 5.5) or whatever...
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    Must Watch Video of the Day

    It's a track where all you have to do is push forward - no steering is involved in this video whatsoever (hence the [PF] tag in the title). Major props to the creator of the track - impressive.
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    VMware online training

    +1 for the hands on labs - great way to get up to speed on all of their tech.