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    Steam locked out users from reviewing games because Reasons???

    Maybe they will train their mods better. They have more mods than support? This is a scary pattern that should be nipped now before it's allowed to grow
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    GPU prices — is the worst behind us ?

    What's oversupply? Having stores with stock isn't oversupply. Are we close to the supply we had before the crypto fest? Back then things were a lot cheaper (even accounting for inflation). My point is the industry was fine back then but now we're supposed to accept a new normal where cards on...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Developer Is Victim of Hacker Group, GSC Game World Issues Statement

    Yeah, I'm surprised they still have devs working on this. Many devs are in the trenches or already died fighting the war. As for "this war is because of NATO agression" Russia isn't afraid of being invaded by a NATO country otherwise they wouldn't be sending the majority of their land forces...
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    Twitter shut off its internal Slack, and now ‘everyone is barely working’

    I won't say all his misdeeds are defendable, but there is an unbalanced amount of hate against him on the internets these days and somehow it seems politically motivated. It's happened only recently in the past year or so, before twitter. The whole Twitter thing just added to the hate noise...
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    They really all came crawlin' back to Steam, didn't they?

    GOG is great, no nagware when I want to go in offline mode and avoid updates. Just install with no strings attached. No reverting offline mode either. I just want to play games and stop phoning home before I play. I don't need the platform experience. Galaxy is good enough. The good part of...
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    Mick Gordon (sound designer of Doom) issues statement regarding DOOM Eternal

    I planned on skimming since that was all the motivation I had initially, but ended up reading almost everything. That's insane. No way Marty was innocent. I hate to see so much ego ruining what could have been and what could be in the future, just to ruin lives.
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    Control 2

    I wasn't disappointed! I was on a sabbatical away from gaming, then tried this and it hit the sweet spot just right. Looking forward to the 2nd. Nothing like yeeting things around at the enemy, creating your own chaos (normally most games I feel like I'm managing the chaos instead of harnessing it)
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    Aug 2022 - FB account no longer required for Oculus, just a Meta account!

    the ole' bait and switch Previously I was surprised to hear they wouldn't require a FB account. But now it makes sense now, it would be surprising to see Zuck try anything anti-draconian
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    Starfield and Redfall Delayed to first half of 2023

    Padme is gone? NOOOooooooooooo!
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    Starfield and Redfall Delayed to first half of 2023

    Just rush this game. I'm waiting for TES 6
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    The Witcher: A New Saga Begins

    Indeed as soon as someone tries to buy out GOG, there will be a lot of downloading for DRM free backups Almost impossible to get screwed
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    CD PROJEKT RED Donating Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine

    For sure, but you know they are still freaked out It's like telling veteran "it's ok, there no shooting" when he wakes up freaking out at night. I'd be the same if I were in their shoes
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    CD PROJEKT RED Donating Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine

    For those who don't know it already CDPR, is from Poland. Poland is probably having existential fear of returning to the old Soviet days
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    CD PROJEKT RED Donating Humanitarian Aid To Ukraine

    It's like you're looking for a spec of sawdust in the United State's eye, yet you can't see that Russia has a log I already showed you that Mexico analogy is an extreme stretch I mean, you can believe what you want