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    Updated AMD OverDrive app, now it's incompatible with 760G chipset and won't OC FSB

    Hi: Here's my system specs: - CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 840 processor, 3.2GHz quad-core Propus for socket AM3+. Default HT Ref Clock is 200MHz, core multiplier is locked at 16X max. - Motherboard/Chipset: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P microATX Socket AM3+ motherboard with AMD 760G northbridge/SB710...
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    Suggestion for relatively inexpensive "compact" USB keyboard

    What do you guys think of the Cooler Master Storm keyboards? It's $80, and tenkeyless with Cherry Blue keyswitches. Supposedly it's made by the same OEM as Filco keyboards. It's covered in logos though...i prefer a more minimalist design, but i can live with it if i'm getting a good deal :D I'm...
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    Suggestion for relatively inexpensive "compact" USB keyboard

    Thanks all for the replies! Yeah, I was a bit unsure about the difference between the keyswitch types. They have a guide on there, but i didn't get much from it (maybe didn't read it in depth). I guess naturally i'm tempted to go with the $89 model, but a $109 one would be worth the difference...
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    Suggestion for relatively inexpensive "compact" USB keyboard

    I've got this Apple keyboard (the non-EU version), but it's currently having problems. So time to look for a new one. What I'm looking for in a keyboard: - "compact" (no numpad): I've found i really like this form factor because it's simple and doesn't take up much space - USB: I've got...
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    issues with USB on new Gigabyte AMD board?

    I just built a new system with a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P and Phenom II X4 840. Everything seems to work great, except some of the USB ports act a bit erratic. The board has two pairs of USB 2.0 ports on the board itself (I/O shield), as well as two pairs of USB headers onto the board (one of...
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    Power supply a 430W enough for my system?

    Thanks for the reply! Why do you say that their efficiency is a concern? Is there anything I should be worried about other than the fact that I'm consuming a little more electricity (slightly greater power bill as well as environmental concerns if one is so inclined)? Both of them are 80 Plus...
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    Power supply a 430W enough for my system?

    My system has an Antec Truepower II 480W from 2007 or so. It had been working fine, but I've recently had stability problems. Popped the PSU open and yep, leaking caps :( So I need to get a replacement. Here's my system specs: - AMD Phenom x4 840 (95W TDP) - Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P (basic AM3+...
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    bad capacitors on newer Gigabyte board?

    Hi: I have a system with a Gigabyte GA-945GCMX-S2 (socket 775/Core2Duo) board. Recently I started having some occasional issues with the system freezing or resetting itself. Tried doing a bunch of things, didn't completely solve it (although it seems to be stable for now.) I noticed that there...
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    Seagate warranty checker doesn't recognize drives

    The Momentus was retail packaged, but I think the 7200.11 was OEM. I emailed them, will see what they say.
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    Seagate warranty checker doesn't recognize drives

    Hi: I have some Seagate hard drives that should all be within warranty...a 7200.11 1.5TB internal drive, Momentus 7200.4 laptop drive, and two 500GB FreeAgent Pro drives. These should all be within warranty; the internal drives were bought within the last couple of years and the FreeAgent...
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    Using MS PowerShell script to generate CSV of Exchange users and groups?

    Hey all! I need to generate a CSV file that contains a list of Exchange users (email addresses) and the distribution groups that they are members of. Apparently you can generate a CSV file with a whole bunch of information about your Exchange users, but not the groups that they are members...
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    High ping/dropped packets on Wifi router connection?

    Upon further testing, it looks like this issue is mostly only present on my system (Macbook with Broadcom wireless card). I tried a couple of other machines (Thinkpad with Intel wireless, older iMac G4) and they do not seem to exhibit the issue of dropped packets when I'm experiencing it on my...
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    High ping/dropped packets on Wifi router connection?

    Hey all: As of recently, I've been having issues with my Linksys WRT54GS router's wireless function. It has worked well for over a year, but I've recently started to have issues. First, the router will have higher ping and packet loss than what they should be. For to the...
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    2010 MBP - Overclocking the GT330?

    Does overclocking the chip violate the EULA that you agreed to by breathing the air in the Apple Store? ;)
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    New Apple keyboard and function key layout?

    Hey all: My old Apple wired slim keyboard (model A1243) recently died, so I went to the store and bought a similar and newer model (A1242) that does not have a keypad (only because this model was on sale for a good price.) It works fine with my MacBook running Snow Leopard, but I have issues...