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    Just How Brave are You?

    It's difficult to sniff traffic going through Tor unless you control an exit node. The only data your ISP will be able to collect is you connecting to random entrance node IP's. They'll have no clue about what websites you visit or which IP services you use.
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    Just How Brave are You?

    If you're so inclined you can do this with a router using Tor. Easiest way to get it set up is to use Pfsense, torify the connection then set up a cron to cycle the nodes every hour. It will significantly reduce the speed you get from your WAN but it's a good airbag to use in addition to other...
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    The Small Things in Life...Android Msg Gets "Mark as Read" on Notifications

    I've had this for months on the official android messenger, I honestly didn't even notice it as a new feature. It was just there one day and I was like, "eh." I guess that was something added in the O beta that just doesn't matter to me.
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    Amazon's New Refunds Policy Will Crush Small Businesses, Outraged Sellers Say

    This is awesome news. Totally warranted because of the horrible QA going on with 3rd party retailers on Amazon. In the past 6 months more than half of the items I've ordered through 3rd parties on Amazon have shipped me the wrong item, and because of the return policy I have to take time out...
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    Introducing 306 Million Freely Downloadable Pwned Passwords

    I wrote a much better version of this and it even works on vbulletin! Just type your password in this thread to see if it has been compromised!
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Unboxing and Install

    3:34-3:40 in the installation video "And here's me casually touching the bottom of a $1k cpu, watch as I rub my hand oils all over this thing, lol."
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    Watch a Speedrunner Set the Record for Portal Using No Portal

    He used a portal at 6:36 to get something to fall from a high wall. Run does not count.
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    ARK: Survival Evolved Faces An Unexpected Delay

    All that effort and greed and then Dark and Light comes out with better polish, better mechanics, better environment and costing less. Ark is for chumps.
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    FS: Asus Strix GTX 970

    Might be interested in purchasing this for a friend. I'll contact you early next week if you haven't sold by then.
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    Battle for the Future of the Internet

    The reason net neutrality is threatened is because we haven't classified internet service as a commodity and/or public service like water and electricity. This needs to happen because it is becoming increasingly difficult to live without internet access. Many people's jobs depend on it...
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    Understand Trolling for $36

    "Results indicate that when high on trait psychopathy" I love smoking that fine trait psychopathy herb.
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    Study Finds Gamers Have Lower Sex Drive, but Last Longer in Bed

    Did you exercise daily and how much did you exercise each week? I'm in my mid thirties now and feeling the reverse effects as I was extremely active and muscular in my twenties. I don't have as much time as I did then to exercise and I'm wondering how difficult the road will be ahead. I'm at...
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    Oregon Man Temporarily Wins the Right to Call Himself an "Engineer"

    I've worked on multi-million dollar critical projects and saved the company I worked for millions with my work. I am an engineer, the formal engineers I work with refer to me as an engineer. I put engineer on my resume and wouldn't hesitate to do so in written testimony. You can fuck yourself...