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  • no dice, I'm back with my 285 gtx... :( I reseat the video card and strip down my PC to basic components and reinstall vista same result... :(
    I got the card installed it today but for some reason my PC would fire up for about 5-10 mins and then shuts down and no error message at all. I updated my BIOS for my evga 790i and my 285 gtx and run fine (when I RMA'd my card I decided to upgrade)... I remounted the 8800 and fired it up and same error used my old board Gigabyte P35 DQ6 same problem......I'll recheck tomorrow but so far it is pointing to the card (I have an antec 1000w and 2x500 1x150 raptor 1x750gb 1xDVDRW Q9550 stock no OC 4gb RAM) I need help... thanks!
    what is the turn around time for an RMA after you guys received an item? I already got a new part number on the RMA same as mine, just wondering if it is ready to ship or whatnot.. thanks!
    Question about video cards. Is it possible to have a cloned dual monitor setup with each at it's own native resolution. i.e.) 1080p and a 15" monitor?
    Hey, I was wondering how long EVGA Step-up take? I submitted by 260 last week (recieved Wed for EVGA) for a 275 and have yet to recieve any information beyond the fact that EVGA recieved the card. Is there something wrong? Thanks
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