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    Sick of WoW, compare it to AION plz

    aion is challenging in that it takes an immense amount of grinding to hit max level. most of the WoW kiddies that are used to having quests to hold their hands until the level cap will probably quit. level 49-50 requires 150 million xp and you have to grind out 90% of it with mobs giving like...
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    Sims 3 $18.99 Spore $13.99 Champions online $22.99 plus others

    ordered a champions online key from them, showed up as a Direct2Drive key and worked just fine. hopefully they don't go on a ban spree of accounts registered with these serials, but i don't see why they would. if so, big deal, i'm only out $22.99
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    Intel x25-m gen 2 in stock at newegg

    at least a couple retailers have discontinued the G1 drives and i already have one, would there be issues with raid 0 if i were to pick up a G2 drive since they're not exactly identical?
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    Read: 878MBs, Write: 781MBs, Sustained Write: 600MBs .... Drool..

    with capacity and performance like that, i'd be surprised if the 1tb goes for anything under $3k
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    Intel x25-m gen 2 in stock at newegg

    i picked up a G1 drive from some random site with good reviews for $229, fuck newegg's gouging and lol @ the suckers that pay the inflated price just because its newegg.
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    intel X25M G2 - $249.00 In stock at MWave @ 2:05PM MST

    lmao @ newegg charging $499 for the 80gb. absolutely ridiculous.
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    Intel x25-m gen 2 in stock at newegg

    i'm one of the unlucky WA residents that pays tax at amazon so that would come out close to $300 for me :( hopefully in a month the supply will be better, i won't pay more than 229 for one, that's already a high enough price.
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    Aion Online download taking forever, insane anywhere quicker?

    it won't technically be installed until monday but it's ready to go when ncsoft unlocks it. i got my closed beta to open beta update in about a half hour from fileplanet at a solid 1.5MB/sec
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    Intel x25-m gen 2 in stock at newegg

    which is exactly what i'll be doing, unfortunately the hordes of nerds willing to buy one at $280 will probably send the price even higher before supply evens out with demand. i don't think newegg even has any competition for the G2 right now, them and zipzoomfly (who are still out of stock) are...
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    G2 80 G back at newegg.

    lmao up to $280. they can stick that where the sun don't shine, i'll wait a month or so for the price/demand to drop.
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    Intel x25-m gen 2 in stock at newegg

    pretty sure the 20 off 200 promotion has been dead for 2 or 3 days. figures i'd be asleep when they came back in stock and they got nerd rushed :rolleyes:
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    Wow losing ground?

    hell, a lot of WoW players probably easily top 100 hours in 2 weeks, not a year. i haven't played since early 08 and hearing about this new expansion makes me want to resubscribe even less. i read about how they'll have to backtrack on the lore since they ruined the progression, and things like...
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    does anybodies func 1030 still work

    i've been using the same 1030 for at least 5 years now and i have no desire to replace it. this pad is the only component that i haven't replaced over the years, they're really built to last a long time.
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    Left for Dead 2? Already?

    so now we know why there weren't any campaigns added, they were holding them back to charge us another $50 down the road :rolleyes:
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    Quad-Core Builds - Which One?

    if the main thing you're concerned with is gaming performance, there seems to be very little difference between the q9550 and i7 920 from what i've read. i was planning on getting an i7 setup myself, but after researching what options i had with my current motherboard, i've decided on a q9550. i...