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    Pixel 5 early news

    Thanks, too bad that the Ultrawide isn't so wide. Hopefully a few reviews really focus in on the Video as that's where I've felt ours falls really short right now.
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    Pixel 5 early news

    I just want a camera review, once that's in hopefully I can enjoy my new phone.
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    Tesla's New Tabless Electrode Battery Cell Patent Is 'Way More Important Than It Sounds' says crazy-person Elon Musk

    Building code in Kingston (where I am) already has included EV rough in's for all new builds.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    Spend $10 and you are golden.
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    Want to upgrade from my GTX 1070, what options do I have?

    Sounds like you stuck with the everyone else just waiting to see what AMD does or when Nvidia can get stock up.
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    Physicists Build Circuit That Generates Clean, Limitless Power From Graphene

    I feel like throwing around the word "build" is a bit misleading. The in article description is "developed" and the reading seems more like its more theorized and simulated.
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    AI powered sharpening

    Old but I have been using Gigapixel since launch, and they have steadily been improving it since that time. Its very inexpensive and gets updated quite a bit.
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    Jensen Huang: Ampere shortages to last throughout the end of 2020

    A shortage implies they had what they thought was lots on launch, and it sold out. The reality is much worse.
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    Pixel 5 early news

    My wife has been using a P30 Pro for over a year but although the camera is amazing, and is the reason we bought it, we use about 10 percent of its capability. What we really need is a phone that you can launch the camera app and snap a photo and it generally comes out good. I am hoping the 5...
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    Cost Efficient AMD Gaming Build - Ryzen 3100 + GTX 1650 Super

    I do pretty well with that card. I am only a very casual gamer though.
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    AMD 5900X rumors

    I had a really hard time sitting on my wallet during all the 3900 series hype, I really wanted to upgrade. I doubt I will have the strength to do that for this launch.
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    EBay RTX3080 LOL

    16 Sold LOLZ. That is funny.
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    Researcher Discusses How Time Travel Could Prevent a Pandemic like Covid

    I would leave Covid as is and just buy stock in TP and Hand Sanitizer.
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    Best Buy 10% of Birthday Month

    Maybe by December there will be stock enough in 30xx series cards for my to get something.
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    The Great RTX 3080 Scalping event has begun!

    Ebay has turned into people purposely trolling listings to ruin the sale. I love it. There is an 85K one I think that's the highest.