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    IGAVANIA Kickstarter! Bloodstained: Ritual of the night

    Sweet jesus. This looks like a proper game.
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    With high tariff war, any PC case NOT made in China?

    We already lost case-labs to tariffs. I believe it was Aluminum. I'm still sad about it.
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Ducky Mini Final Mouse Pro Air58
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    Epic Games Mega Game Sale (5/16-6/13)

    I was thinking this was a Steam Sale. I got excited! Then I realized this was for Epic Store. Ugh. I only installed the client to play Unreal Tournament one time and hated it. I also had to retrieve my account from someone in taiwan. Epic Store has monthly hacks and I'm prone to believe it...
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    Razer Synapse really causes issues

    The software with Razer has been my #1 complaint with them. So much so I've ditched them altogether.
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    Assassin's Creed Unity Review Bombed on Steam

    I have mixed feelings about the whole rebuilding effort. It's nice people with money can come together for one thing. But I would argue there's plenty of more worthwhile ventures than rebuilding of a church - despite it's age and historical significance. That said, the building is beautiful and...
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    If money was no concern, what gaming headset to get?

    I've read that Focal Utopia is pretty nice, too.
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    If money was no concern, what gaming headset to get?

    If money is no object (Or you save up your pennies), I'd stay away from "gaming" headsets However, if I HAD to get a "Gaming" headset: Victrix Pro AF. I stay away from wireless headsets citing problems i've had with every wireless headset I've owned. It's not worth the hassle.
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    Augmented eyes Haha would you?

    As long as I don't get pop ups.
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    Mixing pump types?

    Has anyone ever mixed a DDC pump and a D5 in the same loop? One for better pressure and one for better flow rate?
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    Which generation of gamer are you?

    Atari. Then the Genesis then SNES... it wasn't until middle school did I get my first 500 Mhz celeron.
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    Good Flow Rates?

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    Borderlands 3 announced.

    It's a good time to be alive, boo. Let the loot pinatas begin! Trailer Song: GRiZ ft. Tash Neal - Can't Hold Me Down