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    Scorching HOT ---------> XFX Speedster SWFT319 ,Radeon™ RX 6800 $429.99 on Amazon

    A perfect model for BF discounting. $330? Wouldn't be surprised. EDIT: But I suspect it will be another brand that offers the lower price.
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    [DEAD} - Acer A770 16GB $260

    Prices returned to full price Sunday, but they have already started back down if anyone feels left out of the last sale.
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    [DEAD} - Acer A770 16GB $260

    Dead now, I should have bought one...famous last words.
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    [DEAD} - Acer A770 16GB $260

    The Acer cooler isn't so great despite looking nice. Hopefully Asrock will compete with their 16gb model(s) prices soon.
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    [DEAD} - Acer A770 16GB $260

    Hopefully ASRock will respond and we'll have a price war. I suspect they will respond because they have a newer A770/16gb model with a lower price and slightly lower clock speed and simpler 2 fan setup. Guessing it's $250 any day now.
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    [DEAD} - Acer A770 16GB $260 $30 coupon code on page Wonder if there's a higher performance model coming?
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    [DEAD] ASRock Phantom A770 16GB $290 $10 coupon on page, no rebate.
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    (DEAD-OOS) MSI RX 6800 $400

    3x8 seems odd for a plain 6800, but that's what it says.
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    (DEAD-OOS) MSI RX 6800 $400

    Yup, in stock. Don't know of any issues myself, but I don't have one.
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    (DEAD-OOS) MSI RX 6800 $400 No rebate or coupon. Plus game.
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    (DEAD) ASRock Phantom A770 16GB $300 (maybe $280) No coupons or rebates EDIT: $280 at MC, if you're lucky enough to have one... EDIT2: Looks like this is the regular price now, Acer and others are all offering same deal.
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    EVGA B-Stock 3060 $280

    Other stuff there too:
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    (DEAD) ASRock Challenger Arc A750 8GB $180 Free shipping, coupon on page. Very much a 3060 for $180, may be a steal. My brother uses the Acer A770 16GB and loves it but it's $320 now without the financing stuff.
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    7900xt for $720 in NewEgg

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    [DEAD} MSI RX 6650 XT $240 coupon code on page for $30, $10 rebate required, nice small card at 9.25"